Callie's Story

CallieCallie is a shy, sweet 22 year old miniature Paint horse rescued a few weeks ago from a property that would be considered the farm animal version of a puppy mill..... Large numbers of animals are kept in small areas for the purpose of breeding and making a profit from their offspring.

Callie's tumorThe owner had purchased Callie three years earlier and got a “good deal” on her because of an unsightly large tumor hanging from the base of her vulva. Unfortunately, the intent was to continue to breed her, which she did, each year, for three years. Her last baby, Knee Hi, was a colt born in May of this year and once he reached three months of age, he was put for sale on Craigslist. The ad was read by someone who instantly recognized the story. She had met Callie a year earlier and had been absolutely horrified at the physical condition of this poor mini-horse.

This person decided she would purchase the colt if mom could come along for free. Knee Hi was too young to be separated from his mother! A deal was agreed upon and mother and son were then signed over to a rescue organization by the buyer, knowing that Callie would receive the urgent medical care she so desperately needed.

Callie's surgeryKnee HiCallie was given a thorough examination which included a pre-surgery work-up. She had her operation and she did great through the two hour procedure. Two vets were needed to manage her case because it was such an unusual intervention. There was help available to watch over the baby, hand over vet supplies, and keep Callie steady on her feet. A one pound tumor was removed and a sample was sent to the lab for analysis. If the pathology report indicates the mass is cancerous, the treatment of choice will be injecting chemotherapy drugs around the incision site.

Callie and Knee HiCallie is recovering just fine and will be on antibiotics and pain relievers for one week or so. For the time being, she spends her days eating, resting and keeping a watchful eye over her baby. Knee Hi nurses, but has started to eat hay and when he is not plopped down for a nap, he can be found running around his paddock or quietly nuzzled in close to mom.

Though concerned about the cost of her surgery and recovery, this rescue group was determined to give this little mare and her baby another chance at a decent life. It meant digging deeper into their pockets to find the money. 

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We ask you to participate in this phase of Callie’s life. Let’s show her that we care about her full recovery and her happiness. Your support is deeply appreciated.