Spartacus' Story


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SpartacusSpartacus was a kitten when he was brought home by a young child who had found him in a parking lot. The boy and his mother kept him for about six months, but during that entire time they could see that his eyes were weeping. Spartacus was eventually taken to a vet who told them that the cat would require surgery to save his sight. This single mom contacted a rescue group asking them to please take Spartacus because she could not afford the prohibitive cost of the surgical procedure.  Spartacus

The rescuers took him immediately to see their veterinarian, who diagnosed his right eye with a condition called atresia of the upper eyelid. A congenital condition where his right eyelid never developed fully. His eyelashes grew backward under the eyelid, rubbing the cornea, causing constant pain, tearing and infections. Spartacus had reconstructive surgery on his better eye so that the eyelid now functions. His left eye was horribly damaged (also congenital) and could not be saved. The vet performed an eye enucleation, cleaned the infected eye socket and sewed the cavity shut.

SpartacusSpartacus is hoping for donations to help pay for his anesthesia, surgery, antibiotics and pain medication. He owes his wellbeing to this fantastic group that took him in and thought of nothing other than doing whatever was required to make his life worth living again. And he feels so much better! Runs and plays with his feline buddies. He looks a bit like a “Frankenkitty” with his stitches and a shaved face. 

SpartacusPlease show your support for the good work these rescuers do by making a holiday donation. Your gift will pay for Spartacus’ medical bills which in turn will allow this group to save another homeless pet in need of emergent medical attention.

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