Adele ... la belle

Adele was brought to a local municipal shelter as a discarded object.  Was she a street dog?  Or was she someone’s pet?  She arrived with battle wounds.  It was obvious she had been in a fight with another dog, maybe two.

Adele did not come out a winner in this quarrel.  She suffered a fairly large laceration to her left axilla.  Her right ear was nearly torn off, causing cartilage damage.  She was bleeding from her inner ear as well as from her pinna.  The open wounds to her face were severely infected with foul smelling drainage.  Her face was edematous.  One look into Adele’s eyes, and one could see she was suffering.


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Since Adele is such a sweet, submissive and adorable dog, the city shelter opted to save her.  They gave her the basic medical attention.  They sutured the gash to her axilla and inserted a penrose drain.  The wounds to her face were cleaned.  

An appeal was sent asking for a rescue organization to continue managing the care she will require before being put up for adoption.  A no-kill shelter stepped forward and took her into their program.  She was immediately taken to the vet and scheduled for surgery.   The damage to her  ear canal has been repaired, but there is chance that an ear ablation may be necessary.  A piece of cartilage and some dead skin were removed from her inner ear .  Several gashes to her face and outer ear were sutured.  Another drain was placed to help draw out any fluid build-up.  A small hole was left open so that antibiotics could be applied deep under the skin. 

She is at the rescue shelter now where she is slowly healing, though her condition is still precarious. Next week, she goes to her post-surgery appointment.  The vet will determine at that time if the ear is healing or if it needs to be removed. 

Adele could be a French or English Bulldog mix about 3 years old. A curvy sort of gal, tipping the scales at 39 pounds.  She is such precious dog!  She is all wiggles, tail going at a furious speed with a big grin on her face and so affectionate.   She drops to the floor for belly rubs.  For a dog who lived through a traumatic experience, Adele seems to have erased all memories.  She will be a fantastic companion for someone!   But until she is ready for this new chapter in her life,  she still has to be nursed back to good health.

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AdeleThis comes at a high cost to the shelter that rescued her.  Their funds are nearly exhausted.  If you could contribute to her care, it would ensure Adele recovers from this ordeal.  We thank you for helping her survive against all odds.

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