Patrick's Story

Even with this sweet face, somehow, events in this dog’s life lead him to a municipal shelter.  A no-kill organization was contacted to rescue this cute, young dog.  Soon after being vetted, microchipped and neutered, Patrick was on the way to his new home.

He lived six short months with his adopted family.  The story about what happened to his paw changed as time went by.  The most fitting version is that Patrick got his paw caught in a door when it was accidentally shut on his limb.  He was taken to a vet for X-rays.  The results showed he had a fractured ulna and radius, above the right wrist.  The estimated cost of the surgery was $2,700.  Since the family did not have those funds available, the vet offered a different option.  He placed the paw in a cast in the hope that the fracture would heal.  A few weeks later, Patrick was given antibiotics for a massive skin infection where the cast had rubbed his skin raw.  The time spent in a cast, 8 weeks, atrophied all the muscles and damaged ligaments and tendons, but did not correct the fracture.  The family returned him to the animal rescue they had adopted him from.

Patrick was taken to various specialists for an evaluation of his injury.  The rescue group settled on an orthopedist who came highly recommended and who discounted his services.  He had a procedure called a fracture repair for non-union of the distal radius.  
operating room Tplate

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A 6 cm incision was made.  An internal fixation, a 6 hole Tplate with 5 screws were used to stabilize the break.  The 6th screw would not tighten, so a piece of bone graft was taken from the humerus to be applied to the open hole in the plate and around the fracture site. 

A couple of days later, Patrick returned to his foster home with a splint on his leg, antibiotics, pain medication and wearing an E-collar.
He will remain crated for a few weeks and can only take 5 minute potty breaks on a leash.  He has follow-up appointments to change his splint every 2 weeks.  At 8 weeks post-op, he will have a series of X-rays.

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