Minnie the Moocher

Minnie the Moocher
This is the story of Minnie, a stray cat, who had been living under a shed behind someone’s shop for at least one year.  She survived all those months alone only because she would come to a house next to the shop, and beg for food.  She was fed daily by a lady with a kind heart.  The cat went missing for about a week, when one day, coming out of nowhere,  she approached her rescuer meowing painful cries.  She was most persistent.  The lady took one look at her and realized the cat was in need of immediate medical attention.

  Minnie's woundMinnie after surgeryMinnie
   Images of Minnie's wound before and after surgery.
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This lady took her to a nearby veterinary clinic.  Upon examination, it was noted that her injury consisted of exposed tendons and bones.  A foul stench emanated from dead necrotic tissue with crawling maggots.  The toes on that leg curled under, a sign that she had lost nerve impulses and enervation to her muscles.  The diagnosis was an abscessed cat bite which required the leg to be amputated.  She was scheduled for surgery the following day.  In the day preceding the operation, a pre-anesthetic blood profile was drawn.  IV fluids were given.  She was tested for various diseases with negative results and was vaccinated.  

Minnie had her surgery and is doing well.  She is recovering in her foster home, the lady who rescued her.  On her first day “home”, she found the nearest dog bed and then, a few days later the couch.  Now she has decided the very best spot in the house is the king size bed.  She is described as being most gentle and affectionate.  She cuddles and purrs most happily with the changes in her life.  Minnie and the family’s old dog are best friends.

This innocent homeless kitty had never been given a chance at a better life other than living on the street.  A small local rescue group took responsibility for the cost of Minnie’s medical care.   For them to continue providing essential services and stewardship for so many abandoned cats, they need our help.   Financial support from our gracious donors will permit this cat rescue organization to continue accessing critical veterinary services over the cold weather holiday season

 Animals Abused & Abandoned and Minnie thank you for your gift and wish you a happy Holiday Season.

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