This One Last Chance

This One Last Chance These past couple of months have been busy for Animals Abused & Abandoned.  Several organizations reached out to us for help.  Medical care for injured animals and food for starving horses have been high priorities.

Here are some illustrations that required our financial assistance.  A little stray dog named Nutmeg was picked up by a local municipal shelter.  She had a broken hind leg from being hit by a car.  Because of her sweet disposition, the pound called a rescue organization to please save her from an inevitable fate. 
Nutmeg's x-rayNutmeg after surgery
Nutmeg's x-ray and after surgery.
The rescue group picked up Nutmeg and took her to their veterinarian.  Because of the type of trauma, the expertise of an orthopedist was required.  Unfortunately, the injury was too old to save the leg.  The muscles and tendons had atrophied, so the limb was amputated.  We are happy to report, Nutmeg is doing well in her foster home and hopes to be adopted soon.
Tiny TimTiny Tim
Tiny Tim
That same group was called about a young cat needing urgent veterinary care.  He, too, had a broken leg and an injured front paw.  Xrays were taken.  The good news was the leg would heal by simply applying a cast, no surgery needed.  Antibiotics were prescribed for Tiny Timís contaminated toe.  Time passed and the infection would not heal.  He underwent exploratory surgery and the digit was removed.  A month later, a pad on that same foot began to bleed.  He then developed a fever of unknown origin which had his veterinarian most worried.  This precious cat spent more and and more time at the veterinary clinic being treated by the medical staff.  Tragically, he passed away recently.  His immune system was so compromised, his body no longer had the capability to fight this persistent infection.
Kallie and Penelope
Two little strays were brought to another city shelter.  Because both had injuries that required medical care, Kallie and Penelope were placed on the euthanasia list unless someone were to save them.  They were released to an organization that took responsibility for their medical care.  At the veterinary clinic, several radiographs were taken which revealed that both pups suffered from leg fractures.  Kallie was prepped for surgery the next day.  She required two pins and screws for the break in the metatarsus of her hind left leg. Penelope only needed a cast.  Her broken bone will heal without surgery.  Both are recovering very well from their misadventures.
Cookie and Angelo
The Southwestern part of the US has suffered from a punishing drought in the past three years which has become an immense problem.  The cost of hay has skyrocketed.   Horses are abandoned without food by their owners.  Horse rescues are overwhelmed with numerous horses suffering from starvation and diseases.  Here are a some pictures of Cookie and Angelo which exemplify the condition animals are in when they arrive at a refuge.  At the facility, they are fed nutritious food and typically a farrier is called to trim hooves and a vet to float teeth.  
Many horses are unable to eat because of overgrown, broken or decayed teeth.  Animals Abused & Abandoned purchased 84 / 100-pound bales of alfalfa and several bags of a special grain, for senior horses, that is easily digested. Enjoy the pictures of Tango, Babe, Tayo and Angelo after being fed healthy food.
Tango, Babe, Tayo, and Angelo
Nutmeg The animals depicted in this story have been provided with the medical care they deserve.  They are nurtured back to good health in a safe environment.  This only happens because of the generosity of kind donors. 

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Please help these groups continue to provide aid to voiceless victims of abuse and neglect.  Sadly some do succumb to their illness and mistreatment.  But at least, because of your support, many of these special creatures are given the chance of a life time!

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