Miss Doll

Miss Doll
The following is a first person narrative, written by one of our horse rescuers. Animals Abused & Abandoned has been funding hay purchases and vet services for this rescue operation. Enjoy reading about Miss Dollís miraculous recovery. (Click any image in this story to open a larger image in a pop-up window.)

Miss Doll
ďMiss Doll was the 3rd horse to come to me. She was and is the reason I continue to rescue.  Her lessons were of courage, faith in Godís wisdom, perseverance in even those things that seem impossible, and in the true beauty within each one of Godís creatures.

Miss Doll was rescued from an older couple who had been convicted of felony animal cruelty and sentenced to prison.

Miss Doll
I happened to pick up a local paper and saw an ad for "one aged horse free". When I called, they explained that she was a little underweight, but otherwise a fine riding horse and said she was almost 20 years old.   Nothing in this world could have prepared me for what I saw when I went to pick her up... I literally could taste the blood in my mouth from biting my tongue. What I saw was a mare much older than 20 yrs. (My vet estimated her age at 40+ years.) How she stood I'll never know. Sheer will to live and the heart of a lion is all I can come up with. She was at least 400 pounds underweight. Her skin hung to her carcass like a plastic bag that had melted over a lightbulb...

We took her home crying and praying she'd be able to stand the trip. Miss Doll made the trip. I did not see her lie down for 3 months. She just leaned on the panels of her pen to rest. With lots of A&M feed, rice bran, and senior supplements she gained weight steadily each day.

Miss Doll Miss Doll
To say she touched my life would be a gross understatement. She graced my life for almost 3 years. The lessons she taught me I could not have learned anywhere else. We lost her on July 24th 2012. She died with her head in my lap. I think of her many times each day and will miss her the rest of my life.  I am attaching photos of her. To my eyes her beauty is timeless. Her image in my mind is as fresh as if I saw her moments ago.Ē

This horse rescue is wishing to purchase a ten stall barn with tack room with automatic watering apparatus and feeders. A 60x120 foot arena with lights, a 50 foot round pen, a 40x18 pole barn, and a six heavy hitching posts for a purchase price of $7,000.00. 

MIss Doll
Please, letís help them continue the great work they do for such wonderful, courageous horses in their rescue operation. The barn and pen project will significantly strengthen the level of care provided to those tragic cases like Miss Doll. 

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