After waiting three days at a veterinary clinic for his owner to return with the money to pay for his medical care, Cooper (name given by the rescue organization) was transferred to a local municipal shelter.   The staff at the clinic had been unable to locate the person who had given them a fictitious name, address and phone number.  Cooper had simply been abandoned.   Animal Control contacted a local rescue operation asking for help for this dog’s medical needs. 

Cooper was picked up and taken to another clinic where he was given a thorough examination.  He was sedated and as his bandages to his rear limbs were removed, the extent of his injuries became obvious.  Actually they were shocking!    His wounds consist of nails ripped off, a few digits missing on his rear paws, his skin is torn off in many places all the way to the bones.  The lacerations to his right rear leg had been stapled,  by the original veterinarian, to hold the flesh together.   And he is missing a patella (a knee cap).  It was noted that though in extreme pain, this sweet dog gave everyone kisses.

Cooper's injured pawCooper's injuries

Cooper's injuries
Cooper's wounds onsist of nails ripped off, a few digits missing on his rear paws,
his skin is torn off in many places all the way to the bones.
It was agreed that Cooper’s injuries were consistent with his being tethered and dragged.  Most likely he was tied on the back of a pick up truck and either fell or jumped off leaving him hanging, dragging his lower body and extremities across the pavement.  From the extent of his injuries, Dr. Hedrick surmised that Cooper had been dragged for quite a distance, filing away his flesh and bones.

Cooper was given a warm bath to clean his injuries.  He was started on IV pain medication and antibiotics.  The wounds were excised of dead tissue and all foreign matter removed.  His injuries have been left to air out to help with the healing process.  Fleas are parasites of the past, and his fly bitten ears were also treated.   Cooper was placed in a heated kennel in ICU where he has received round the clock care.

The plan for now is to let Cooper rest and regain some of his strength before undergoing further procedures.  We will know more about his prognosis, scheduled treatments/surgeries in the coming days.  In order to regain full mobility of his rear limbs, Cooper will require extensive attention from the medical staff.  These are expenses that few organizations can afford.
Donations are sought to help Cooper receive the best medical care possible.   After such an ordeal, he merits full recovery and a life shared with a loving care taker.   Help us give him that chance!

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