2014 In Review

2014 In Review
The Holidays and a New Year are upon us.  This is the time to look at the past year in retrospect.  What feelings do the words animal rescue conjure up - anger and sadness for the fear, pain and hopelessness so many animals endure, but also so much joy when rescued. 
Looking back over the past twelve months, numerous pets have been featured in our stories, but many others never made “the front page.”  The help given to these precious creatures would never have happened if it were not for a whole community of animal lovers who made donations toward the care of these special souls who otherwise might have perished from neglect.
Amos adopted
There is Amos.  He was found on a desolate road in Central Texas on a hot summer day.  A nice young lady made the conscious decision not to look the other way.  She altered her day to offer a little compassion to man’s best friend.  This poor dog was literally melting in the heat....and so was she!
Amos was taken to an organization that was more than full.  What were their options?  Take the dog to the city shelter and walk away or should this innocent creature at least be given a chance?  These are the type of decisions that are made daily by thousands of small rescue groups.  It was decided to give Amos that opportunity.  He was brought to the vet for a checkup and made comfortable for the night with a soft place to sleep and a nice full belly.   With donations, Amos was able to remain at the veterinary clinic until a foster home became available.
 We are happy to say that this 5 to 6 year old dog, probably a Schnauzer mix, now lives with a scruffy female that looks almost exactly like him.  His recovery was long and tedious, but he toughed it out.  His journey was well worth it...  He lives a great life now!

Angel RoseAngel Rose
Angel Rose
Angel Rose was rescued just minutes before euthanasia.  She was very sick with kennel cough, parasites and so skinny.  With vetting and lots of TLC, she flourished into a sweet, wonderful, loving, beautiful pet.  She, too, has been adopted.

Brodie, the Bassett, was dumped behind a Jack in the Box.  Just a puppy, his cries were heartbreaking.  He was covered with fleas and so frightened!  He now longs for a family of his own, as he passes the time at a rescue sanctuary.

Puppies in culvertPuppy rescuedpuppy
Culvert puppies
The Culvert Puppies had rocks thrown at them and were shot at with BB guns.  They were unwanted on the property, including the nursing mother and two emaciated dogs.  The rescue group negotiated a deal with the property owner where the animals would all be captured and removed, if he would stop shooting at them.  Eventually all the pups were safe.  Unfortunately, the mother and the two skinny dogs eluded the traps.

Midori and friendMidori
Sweet Midori was found taking a leisurely walk in a deserted part of town.  She graciously acquiesced when invited to climb into the car.  Since she had neither tags nor microchip to reunite her with her owner, she was taken to a shelter that gave her “temporary asylum” until a foster home became available.  She was in good health, with the exception of what appeared to be healing bite marks.  She was vaccinated and spayed.

Midori was placed in a foster program where she thrived on the affection given to her.  It did not take long for this sweet Pit Bull mix to be adopted.   Being a gentle and a loving dog, she now shares her new life with a three year old that she follows everywhere.

Sugar Baby, now Ally
Sugar Baby, now Ally
Sugarbaby was a horse owner reliquishment in July 2012. Her owner was sick with cancer and couldn't care for her.  Sugarbaby was very thin and most fearful.  She had developed chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) from eating poor quality hay. She was rehabilitated and trained, but she struggled with breathing because of her lung condition combined with the Texas heat.  In February 2014, she was spotted by a professional horsewoman from Colorado.  She had recently sustained a serious fall on horseback, crushing her leg and causing a head injury. She was struggling with her confidence and feared that she may never ride again. Crissi deeply connected with Sugarbaby and her gentle ways. She adopted Sugarbaby, renamed her Ally, and took her home where Ally has taught Crissi to trust riding again. And Ally can now breathe easy in the cool Colorado climate.  We ask . . . who rescued whom?
Dixie was part of a large seizure operation conducted in June 2011. She was one of nine horses rescued, emaciated and pregnant. Dixie was also blind in her right eye which was seriously infected.  Dixie was nursed back to health.  She delivered her adorable baby the following April. The focus was letting her just be a horse. Because Dixie, who is about 16 years old and arthritic, had never been trained as a riding horse, she was offered for adoption as a companion-only horse. In March 2014 a family, who had previously adopted Grace from this horse sanctuary, chose Dixie for their young daughter.  Madison just wanted a horse to love. Dixie will live out her life with this loving family and her friend Grace and will never know another day of suffering.
This March, in a Central Texas County, Shiloh was found tied to a tree in the woods and left for dead. He was severely malnourished, dehydrated and full of life-threatening intestinal parasites. The sheriff picked him up, and when no one claimed him, a rescue organization took him into their program.  This poor baby was lovingly nursed back to health.  Shiloh is now a healthy and happy three-year-old colt, and has started his training program.  This beauty will shortly be ready for adoption to his forever home.
So many more stories like these!  Every day!  It is endless!  Now you can see that without your generous giving, there is no way these rescue groups could continue performing their acts of mercy.  Your help is absolutely invaluable.  Your donations are these animals’ life lines.   Help us celebrate the New Year knowing that because of your kindhearted gift, you will change the lives of those who need you.

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Thank you to all those who have donated to Animals Abused & Abandoned during the year 2014!

For many pets, you provided desperately needed veterinary care, relief from suffering and a safe place to call home.  Happy Holidays and best wishes for the New Year from all the dogs, cats and horses who depended on your kindness for the gift of life!

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