This is the story of a a discarded pet.  Just another statistic from a city shelter.  We donít know how he found his way to a shelter, not that it matters.  Most reasons leave you incredulous.  Thank goodness for the people who are committed to the welfare of animals.  If it were not for dedicated and passionate animal rescuers, more than the 4 to 5 million cats and dogs would be destroyed yearly because municipal facilities neither have the space nor the resources to keep all these animals alive.  A tragic fact!

Mason was rescued by a small group of dedicated volunteers.  This organization was contacted by a city shelter because it was full to capacity with large breed dogs to the point of having to euthanize to make space for the new intakes pushing through the front doors, but also because he is the sweetest boy, making friends wherever he goes.  He was very ill with a respiratory illness.  There was no intention to medicate him.   All he needed was antibiotics.  Why waste money treating a large dog that probably would not get adopted.  Small full-blooded or small mixed breed dogs are in demand by the public at this moment, so they find homes quickly.

The rescue organization picked up this handsome Lab/Great Pyrenees mix and  immediately took him to a veterinarian to be given medical treatment for his upper respiratory infection.  With good care, slowly, his struggle to breathe lessened.   He began to focus his attention on food.  By the end of his course of antibiotics, Mason had gained eight pounds.  But there was something else that had caught the veterinarianís attention during Masonís first visit.   He noted that he had some difficulty walking, bearing weight on his left hind limb.  This would require further investigation.

Tipper's legTipper's stanceTipper's stance
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At his second vet visit, Masonís leg was X-rayed and he was diagnosed with a luxating patella.   Patellar luxation occurs when the kneecap slips out of place.   If left untreated, this condition can be painful and may lead to lameness, arthritis and other orthopedic problems.  In Masonís case, he required surgery to remedy his condition.  This diagnosis is either congenital or due to trauma --- and Mason is not talking!

Mason had a procedure that is called a medial imbrication with a trochleoplasty.   The goal of the surgery is to keep the patella in its appropriate place.  Imbrication is the tightening of the joint capsule and trochleoplasty is the deepening of the trochlear groove to better contain the kneecap.  The chance of total recovery following this procedure is very good.  With this surgery, his kneecap should become totally stable and the lameness should resolve.

Mason after surgery
Post-op care at his foster home consists of monitoring Masonís incision for evidence of infection.  His activity will have to be restricted for the next eight weeks.  He will be confined to a crate.   Physical therapy will not be required, unless Mason does not place weight on his leg within five to six days of his surgery.  He was given an injection of a long acting antibiotic during surgery.  He was prescribed pain medication.  He has a recheck scheduled in two weeks to have his sutures removed and a final vet visit in eight to ten weeks.

This rescue organization placed 1,400 dogs and cats in new homes last year.  Letís assist them re-home a higher number of pets this year. Their good work consists of giving hope to animals that the city shelter will euthanize, victims of dog fights, homeless pets that survive in the streets on their instincts and owner abandonment.   Animal rescue is not a pretty picture.  It is heart wrenching.   In order to continue their good work, they ask that we please help them by donating toward Masonís medical bills.   Mason is so fortunate to have been saved.  Please help us make a difference in his and other animals lives.  For them it is a matter of life or death.

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