The Life of a Rescuer

The Life of a Rescuer Always so much to do.  Days are never long enough to accomplish all that is needed, and the nights are too short. 

The phone rings already early in the morning and rings incessantly throughout the day.  The voice at the other end of the phone always tells  the same story of an animal in need.  The narratives are about starvation, injuries, abandonment. 

This is the story of Foster.  The owners left their dog in the backyard the evening of the Fourth of July.  Frightened by the sound of fireworks, he attempts to jump over the fence and impales himself in the abdomen.  The frantic owners want to give the animal immediate medical help, but do not have the funds, would the rescuer assist them financially?  Foster is rushed to the vet for emergency surgery.  He returns home the next day to recuperate.  He had a couple return visits to the clinic to take out his penrose drain and have his stitches removed.

The phone rings, there is a pot bellied pig wandering in someone’s backyard.  He has several wounds and is bleeding profusely.  The rescuer drops everything she is doing, jumps in her truck and drives to the location given.  There she finds this cute little pig under a car trailer suffering from trauma to his right ear and his left hind leg.   He is hastily taken to the vet.  Since his ear is nearly torn off, and the bites on his leg are many and deep, he is rushed to the operating room.  It was learned that his owner had turned him lose, not wanting to keep him as a pet any longer, and he was attacked by a pack of wild dogs.   Babe’s recovery is precarious.  A week later, the lacerations to his thigh becomes so severely infected that it is thought he would probably lose his limb.  He suffers through a second surgery to debride and disinfect the wounds.  But with wonderful post-op care given by his savior, Babe is living the good life at the sanctuary.  

Black Jack and Little Girl
Then there is Little Girl.  A puppy.  She was either dropped off in the sanctuary’s driveway or had separated from her litter mates looking for adventure.  She is taken into the program, but she first makes a stop at the veterinary clinic to be treated for mange and for a large swelling to her left jaw.   She recovers with only antibiotics.  She has since been adopted.

Another call during the day.  Someone describes a puppy with a right front leg injury.  The owner accidentally broke the pup’s leg.  He does not have the money to pay for xrays, possible operation and a cast, so he tries a home made splint with popsicle sticks in the hope that the leg heals.  Not so.  One more trip to the vet.  Fortunately the little guy only requires xrays and a cast.  The broken leg will heal without the need for surgery.  His recovery takes him back to the clinic for cast changes and xrays.

A voice on the phone “I have a goat that has been in labor for several hours and needs help.”  Rushing again to pick up the animal which is taken to the vet for an immediate C-section and twin kids are born.  But Marshmallow is weak from the lengthy labor and the lack of prenatal care and she dies soon after delivering her babies.  Unfortunately, the little female twin, Angel, passes away a few days later also from being very feeble.  Gram is left as an orphan to be bottle fed, around the clock, for ten weeks.  He is healthy, though of a small stature for his age, and suddenly he becomes gravely ill.  A lot of good karma is sent his way, because he finally starts eating again and after a long recovery period, he is back to his old self.  He now lives at the sanctuary.

MarshmallowGramButtercup and GramButtercup and Gram

A lady calls asking if the refuge has room for two pit bulls and possibly a third dog.  She has been cited by animal control for not having the animals vaccinated and she does not have the money to pay for their immunizations.  She has been given a couple of days reprieve to have them brought up to code or else she will be fined.  The rescuer takes the two dogs to the clinic to be inoculated and sterilized.  The other pet should be neutered shortly.

Butter Bean-a five week old puppy is a new resident at the “orphanage”.  He had been given away at a very tender age and did not receive the care he required.  He has a large patch of fur missing on his head and back, his ribs are showing, he has small blisters all over his body and he had worms.  He is medicated with baths and antibiotics.  Appetite is slowly returning and is beginning to act like a puppy.   He will need a home fairly soon.

Beside the emergencies and trips to the vet which are a normal occurrence at all hours of the day and night, there are daily chores to be attended to at the refuge.  The animals are fed and fresh water is given, the cages and the runs are cleaned, medications are dispensed, fences are repaired, bills are paid......   The work of a rescuer is demanding, taxing and exhausting.  The work is never finished.  It is a labor of love to care for all these animals in need.  If it were not for these dedicated animal lovers nationwide, many more animals, in the hundreds of thousands, would be killed at municipal shelters. 

There is a great need for foster families.  The more homes available, the more animals can be saved.  There is not enough space in shelters and sanctuaries for the number of pets that require attention.  Money is needed, lots of money!  The cost of medical care is staggering!  The price of a bag of dog/cat food or horse feed has also sky-rocketed.  So the only way these animals can be given assistance is with the help of charitable supporters.  Without donations, these animals who may have never known a kind day in their lives, face death, and in many instances, a brutal one.  

Animals Abused & Abandoned participated in paying for the medical care of the animals in this story.  We were able to do so,  because of contributions received from our special friends and through the kindness of strangers.  We can only continue our work because we rely on your generosity.  Please assist us in saving more innocent and helpless animals.   Remember, that your kind gift helps decrease the number of pets entering shelters.

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