Dreams of a Better Future

Interventions With the Holidays fast approaching, Animals Abused & Abandoned helped several pets get closer to their dreams of a safe and protected future with new forever families.


Ripley in e-collarRipley's before x-rayx-ray after surgery
Ripley in his e-collar and x-rays of his leg fracture
Ripley did not have much luck with his first family.  He was a favorite toy for the children for a few months, but was thrown away when he broke his leg.  Not only did the family not want to pay for the surgery, but they also did not want him inside the house during his recuperation period.  So their response to Ripley’s injury was to wash their hands of him, and turn him over to a private rescue group.

The organization took him immediately to see a veterinarian.  Ripley had waited 7-10 days without any medical care after being hit by a car.   The radiographs confirmed a fractured leg.   He had surgery on his right rear limb which required plating and 5 pins.  The surgical intervention was a success, but Ripley became well known to the clinic for bandage changes.  Even wearing an e-collar, he was most resourceful at reaching his dressings and tearing them off. 

After many trips to the clinic and added expenses, he is now bandage free.  He remains with a foster family until totally healed. He is described as having a great attitude, a wonderful personality, very active and playful with a mix of mischievousness.   This beautiful and innocent six month old puppy would make a wonderful permanent addition to someone’s family!


ShellyShelly's wound caused by an embedded collarShelly's wound
Shelly and the wound caused by an embedded collar.
Shelly caused great concerns to a caring lady who called a rescuer.  She described an older kitten with trauma to her neck.  Shelly was taken to a veterinary clinic.  There, the infected wounds were washed and cleaned and an embedded collar was discovered.  Even in pain, Shelly showed she had the sweetest temperament.  She also very probably was most thankful to finally be off the streets!   She was given cold laser treatments which promote faster wound healing and very little need for pain medication.  She was spayed and given all her vaccinations.  She was adopted after she transferred to another rescue organization.


Copper’s story is like so many other homeless dogs who end up in a municipal shelter.  The reasons are numerous.  But Copper was one of the lucky ones.  A shelter called a rescuer pleading for help as they were overly full and about to euthanize.  She went to the location to pull a few small dogs when she saw his little face.  It was love at first sight!  Copper went home with the volunteer because she wanted to make certain she found him the right forever home. 

Still a puppy, a Min Pin/Chihuahua mix about five-six months old, he was most playful with his new friends.  He could not be given enough kisses and belly rubs.  A few days after his arrival at his foster home, he was in the backyard having fun with his playmates, when he headed toward the house with a limp.   Suddenly he screamed.  Copper was crying and whimpering as he was dragging himself to the back door. 

Copper's x-rayCopper's x-rayCopper's leg in cast
Copper's x-rays and Copper in his cast
He was rushed to the veterinary office.   Xrays were taken which verified he had broken his right front leg, near the elbow.  The best method to repair the fracture would be determined at the time of surgery.  In the meantime, a sling was placed on his leg until scheduled for his operation.

The morning of his procedure Copper was diagnosed with parvo.  He had gotten sick during the night.  So Copper was admitted to the clinic to be treated for the parvo virus before he could have surgery.  The treatment for parvo is most expensive  and the results are generally poor.  But the vet thought Copper had a fighting chance, since the disease had been discovered early on.  He was transferred to an emergency clinic for the night for treatment and observations.  Unfortunately, despite all aggressive measures, Copper’s symptoms worsened.  He became extremely weak and suffered.  To everyone’s great sadness, the humane decision was to euthanize him.  That morning he met new canine friends waiting for him at the Rainbow Bridge.

Copper is missed by his rescuer because he was so young, so innocent, so trusting, so loving.  Copper came to the shelter as a stray.  We will never know what he encountered in his very short life.  But at least he had a few days where he experienced the love of a human as he was showered with affection.


Burt, a 9 month old German Shepherd mix, was an owner surrender to a rescue group because he had started chasing their chickens.

BurtBurt in surgery Burt's x-rayBurt in recovery
Burt relaxing and images of his x-ray, and surgery
When taken to the veterinary clinic for a wellness visit, he was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia.  It was decided to perform surgery on one hip first.  At his young age, Burt will recover quickly.  So when the hip is thought to be totally healed, he will have the second procedure to repair his left one.  Right now he is recovering in his foster home.  As you notice from the pictures, he is totally comfortable and most relaxed.  There are whispers that Burt’s wish to Santa may be fulfilled.  He could have found his forever family.


Interventions helped these four animals have a lifesaving chance for a better life.  It was most unfortunate that little Copper could not be saved.  This care is available because animal lovers understand the value of an animal’s life.   Without donations, the work that all of us put into rescuing animals and its successes, would not happen.  So, please continue to give generously, so that more animals may be saved.  This is the season to help God’s beautiful and innocent creations.

May you and your family have a blessed holiday!
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