April 2016 - Eight Horses

April 2016
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On Craigslist was an advertisement for horses for sale.  A lady went to see these horses as she was looking to purchase one for herself to ride for pleasure.  To her dismay, they all were in very poor condition.  All very neglected.  So what do you do when you donít know which one to save?  Easy.  You buy the whole lot of them.  All eight of them!  She would have taken a few more, but the owner was unwilling to part with some.  The rumor is that these horses were originally bought at an auction by horse traders hoping to make a quick profit.  Included in the rescued group is a paint colt, Shilo, maybe 6-7 months old and a pregnant mare, Jackie Bee, about 9-10 months along.

ShiloJackie Bee
These eight horses are a heavy investment in money and time for this small rescue organization and there is hard work ahead.  They need quality feed, as in alfalfa hay and Total Equine, a pellet, to maximize their health.   Your sponsorship will help with the food, vaccinations, deworming, having their teeth floated and hooves trimmed.  Shilo will be gelded in a few months.  Jackie Bee will require special attention until she foals.  While rehabilitated from their prior miserable lives, these animals will be given the love they never experienced and learn to trust humans.  They will also be saddle trained to prepare them for their forever homes. 

Your donation will make it possible for this selfless and dedicated rescue group to continue their work of helping abused and abandoned horses.  To restore these innocent creatures to their optimum health, these helpless horses depend on your support.  We rely on your kindness to make a difference in these animalsí lives.

Shilo and Jackie Bee
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