Sprinkled by Fairy Dust

This tiny kitten somehow got separated from her mother.  Alone and frightened by all sorts of scary noises, she found a quiet place where she felt somewhat safe.  She woke up to a terrifying rattle and simultaneously to a horrendous pain to her right front paw.  The kitten’s screams alerted the driver who stopped the car engine and retrieved the animal.  In tears, this lady brought this tiny life to the closest veterinary clinic.  At that point a rescue group was contacted and they graciously accepted Shiloh into their program.

Shiloh x-ray
Shiloh pre-surgery Shiloh pre-surgery
Shiloh at first vet visit, x-ray and wound
This sweet animal was given emergency care - pain medication, Xrays and wound care.  The fan belt had nearly severed her paw.  Her prognosis was poor.  Her leg would probably have to be amputated.  Her operation was delayed due to her poor physical condition.  So her limb was bandaged and she went to a foster home with pain medicine and antibiotics.  Her dressing was changed daily until her scheduled surgery.  It consisted of sugar and iodine wraps to accelerate the healing of the wound and help eliminate skin infection.  She was given A/D recovery canned diet for malnutrition, sub-cutaneous fluids for dehydration and was dewormed.

Shiloh had her surgery four days later.  But a miracle happened in the surgery suite!  The veterinary surgeon was able to save her leg.  He amputated two of her digits and sutured one of her phalanges which was broken.  With a tiny wire, he managed to tie the two bones together.  She has one little paw pad remaining.  The ultimate goal is for Shiloh to have a paw with a foot pad, though half the normal size, on which to walk and run on.  This thoughtful vet was thinking about Shiloh’s quality of life.  He gave her a chance to save her leg.  Amputation is so final!

Shiloh post surgery Shiloh's paw post surgery
Shiloh's paw at first dressing change after surgery
The foster mother describes Shiloh as a sweet kitten who hates to be alone.  She follows her foster mother everywhere with her big bandage.  She climbs on everything, As soon as you look at her, she purrs.  She is totally unperturbed by her trauma.

Shiloh has been very fortunate so far.  Had it not been for the nice lady who brought her to the clinic, the dedication of the medical staff  and the veterinarian’s empathy for this little animal, Shiloh would either have lost her leg or worse, died from this unfortunate accident.  Shiloh must have a fairy god mother who sprinkles her daily with fairy dust for her good fortune!

But Shiloh is still in a precarious situation.  Her post-op care will continue for another six to eight weeks.  Her leg will be examined every four days with bandage changes, medications and Xrays.  Hopefully her wound will heal without complications or Shiloh may face having her leg amputated.

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Please help provide the care she needs from being rescued to adoption.  Donate as much as you can toward her treatment.  This delicate procedure was much more expensive than an amputation, as will her recovery period.  Shiloh has come so far!  A little more fairy dust for Shiloh’s complete recovery and happiness?

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