Kaleidoscopic views of the past season

two mares
Two unwanted minis were brought to a horse rescue organization this spring.  They could be mother and daughter by the way they act.  They are very tiny and petite even for mini horses.  The person who surrendered them said his kids were tired of them.  They were kept in his backyard with a regular size donkey stud.  He had no idea if the two minis had been bred, which could be a life threatening situation. He could not say if they were males or females!

Suspecting they could be carrying foals due to the girth of their abdomens, the organization immediately called the veterinarian to perform a pregnancy test to confirm their stages of gestation. He declined to perform the transrectal palpitation for fear it might rupture the amniotic sac or weaken it.    Only time will tell.  He will remain on call to help these mares should they need him.

Lyric and Letta are monitored daily.  They have been wormed!   They are fed nourishing foods as in good quality wheat hay, mini horse grain, and have a mineral block.  A good fly spray.

mini maretwo mini maresLyric and Letta
Lyric and Letta 
Their hooves received a farrier’s attention.  Their coats are getting shiny.   They came to the rescue scared to death!   They are still frightened of people, but getting better as volunteers work with them daily to tame them!

Brownie, Charlie, and Gypsy
Animals Abused & Abandoned strongly believes that one of the only ways to stop the births of unwanted animals is through sterilization.  We were contacted by a rescue group to help with the neuter and spay of several of their dogs.   It was a great pleasure to pay for those surgeries. 

Another organization has called us several times over the past few months asking for help with feral cat colonies.  This person feeds colonies daily and always needs bags of dry food as well as canned goods.   It was reported that neighboring hens and roosters also partake in the feast!  There is always enough to share with everyone!
feral cat colony
feral cat colony

Your donations have helped purchase bales of wheat hay and bags of special grain for the minis and hundreds of pounds of cat croquettes with dozens of flats of canned food.   The feral cats are trapped, brought to the vet for their spay-neuters and released back into their neighborhoods.   You can rest comfortably knowing that these cats and dogs will no longer reproduce and have their progeny lead a miserable life.   As an aside, the minis are not pregnant.  They had a bad case of bellies full of worms!

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We all share a love for animals as has been exhibited by your donations.  Without your concern and help, none of the above would have been possible.  But there is always more work to be done.   Please continue donating to Animals Abused & Abandoned.  Your generosity enriches the lives of so many animals! 

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