Meet Cinnamon

CinnamonThis is a glimpse of how some dogs live a life of suffering in silence. If it were not for someone bringing this dog’s plight to the attention of a rescue group, she would probably still be chained up or dead.

Cinnamon was removed from the harsh conditions she lived in for several months. She is still a young dog, which explains being able to withstand such treatment. She was tied outdoors with an embedded chain in her neck. The wound had abscessed. Her right ear is permanently deformed. Was she in a dog fight and not taken for treatment to a vet? Several of her teeth are broken. Is it from being abused or from chewing on her chain?

Leaving the shelter, where she had been housed temporarily, with her foster mom, Cinnamon “kissed” every dog goodbye on her way out. A testament to what a gentle creature she is. She was taken immediately to an animal clinic where the veterinarian made the comment that the abscess to her neck had been there a long time. Fibrous tissues had started growing around the chain. While sedated, her wound was disinfected, irrigated, and non-viable tissue removed.

Cinnamon Cinnamon Cinnamon

A penrose drain, to help remove fluid from the wound, was used and the wound was closed with dissolvable sutures. She has returned to her foster home to convalesce with antibiotics, supplements and nutritious food to regain her strength. Cinnamon is a lucky survivor.


CinnamonRescue groups in order to continue helping animasl in desperate situations need your assistance. Many precious animals live in harsh conditions – lack of food and water, tethered outside without shelter, in need of medical attention. Please make a generous contribution to Animals Abused and Abandoned to help defray the medical expenses incurred by Cinnamon.Your financial help in this surgical emergency, will permit her rescue group to save another animal who may be dying. Please go to the Donations page on our website at Every dollar makes a difference in the life of a homeless or abused pet.

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5/19/09 - Update on Cinnamon

Friends of Animals Abused & Abandoned will be delighted to know that Cinnamon has been adopted. The family of which she is now a member reports that Cinnamon was relaxed and comfortable in the household right away and is "a total sweetie."


Dear Monique,

Sorry it took so long to get a new picture to you.  But here is one of my son with Cinnamon and our other dog Macey. Cinnamon is doing great.  She is such a sweet dog and is such a joy to have in the house.  She plays really well with her “sister”, Macey (they are a great match when it comes to wrestling, despite Macey out-weighing her by 30 to 40 pounds); Cinnamon sits in my lap when I read; and she sleeps in bed with my husband and me at night (she demands her spot right in between us, with her head facing towards the door just in case any cats come in and then she has to pounce on them.)