Yogi's Story

This is the story of Yogi, the sweet Rottweiler, who was struck by a car. Yogi was still alive, but in a great deal of pain. It was obvious that one of his legs was shattered. His injury required emergent care. 

Yogi’s family took him immediately to a local veterinarian who quoted them an astronomical price they could not afford. They pleaded with him to set them up on a payment plan which he refused. After a series of emails and calls, they got in touch with a fellow rescuer who promptly came to their aid. Yogi was rushed to another veterinary hospital. After a series of Xrays, it was determined that amputation of his left hind leg was the only option. 

The second clinic agreed to help Yogi and very generously discounted the cost of his operation. But even so, the total comes close to $900. This family has fallen on hard times and simply cannot afford the cost of this emergency surgery for their beloved pet.

Yogi is this family’s companion animal, their best friend. They did not abandon him. They never gave up on him regardless of the financial hardship, but now, Yogi is asking for your help. Please become one of our much needed supporters by sending your generous gift. Any amount will help. Make your donation to Animals Abused and Abandoned.

Please go to the Donations page on our website at www.animals-abused.org. Thank you for making good things happen.

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May 16, 2009  - Update on Yogi:

Yogi's family reports that Yogi is healing well and that his leg amputation has not slowed him down one bit. He has adjusted to both walking and running on three legs. Yogi's family is grateful for the financial help they received to cover the cost of his surgery.  Because of the generosity of people like the friends of Animals Abused & Abandoned, he will continue to live his life with a family that truly values him.