Lady's Story

This is the story of a little dog who was saved from a life of excruciating pain that would have led to her early death.

A woman came running into a shelter begging for help for a small terrier that was tied to a tree and appeared to be in distress.  With help from shelter employees, she left to render aid to the little dog.  The scene was gruesome! In the back of the residence, there was this small dog restrained to a tree with an entanglement of chains between her legs which prevented her from walking.  The shelter manager went over to the dog and unhooked the chain from the tree saying, “Oh my God, it’s really bad.”  She came running, cradling the dog in her arms with the chain still attached to the dog’s neck.  The odor of the infection and necrotic tissues was so strong that the two ladies drove to the veterinary hospital with the windows down.

When Dr. Wright entered the examination room and looked at the wound, his first words were “Oh, my!”  He treated Lady with antibiotics for her massive infection.  He gave her pain medication and fluids as she was severely dehydrated.  He wanted to see how she responded to the hydration before determining the next course of action.  The following day, the vet noted a lack of response to the fluids and her refusal to eat.  The vet’s comments were “we need to either go all the way with this dog or make a decision to stop altogether.”  It was decided that blood work would determine the dog’s ability to fight the battle ahead.  One hour later, the lab results looked surprisingly normal.  The shelter who rescued her made the decision to “go for it.”

Lady had her matted coat shaved to the skin.  She was given more fluids and was scheduled for her surgery later that morning. During her operation, while Dr. Wright was removing an old rusted chain and disinfecting her wound, he noticed a thickened area underneath her chin.  He cut into it and found two links from a prior occurrence of an embedded chain

Lady did go through her emergency surgery surprisingly well.  Physically she was strong, but Dr. Wright warned “though I think she can recover physically, the key is to gain back her spirit which has been completely broken from months of severe pain.”  Dr. Wright estimated her age at 18 months.  That afternoon, the little dog who appears to be a Jack Russell/Poodle mix, went to the shelter for her post-operative care.  Everyone at the shelter remarked at her “apparent lack of pain” despite wire sutures and a wound one inch deep and ¾ inch wide encircling her neck. Dr. Wright explained that her pain after surgery was nothing in comparison to the suffering she endured for several months. 

This very upsetting story is an illustration of the kind of cruelty seen every day in rescue.  This dog is one of the lucky ones.  Many others die a painful and horrible death because no one came to their aid.  Someone opted to save her and that was a costly decision for this shelter.  Her surgical bill, including her post-op care, came to slightly over $1000. 

Now she needs you.  Without your assistance, shelters like the one that came to Lady’s aid cannot pay for emergency medical care.  Mistreated animals, like Lady, are so fortunate to have compassionate people like you rallying behind them. Your donation will help this shelter continue its good work for the many more abused and abandoned animals out there who need their assistance.  Your pledge will ensure that Lady, and many others like her, have a fresh start. 

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Watch the Animals Stories page on our website, to follow this little dog’s progress.  Ultimately, everyone’s wish for Lady is to find a home that will give her love and happiness for the rest of her life.

LadyUpdate 6/6/09

Lady is recovering well following her surgery. Her neck wounds continue to heal.

It became obvious that Lady had not been able to walk for quite some time prior to being rescued and was hesitant to walk when taken out of her crate. We are happy to report she is not only walking but trotting and pouncing during playtime now, her tail wagging all the while! Read the rest of this installment of Lady's story on our blog and stay tuned for more updates.

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LadyUpdate 7/10/09

Read about Cynthia's first meeting with Lady and her transition into a new home and family on our blog.