Nudge's Story

NudgeAnimal abuse knows no boundaries. House pets are not the only victims of human neglect and cruelty. So are equines. Let me introduce you to Nudge. He is a tri-colored Paint Horse between the age of 6 and 12months. Because of abuse, his growth has been severely stunted and is extremely underweight.

His story begins at a horse auction. Nudge and several horses were to be sold, all in various stages of neglect. The founder of a horse sanctuary attended the auction when her heart (saddened or sank) when she saw a foal about four months old in need of medical attention. She expressed interest in him and at the conclusion of the event, she backed up her horse trailer and the animals were loaded onto the vehicle. (The friend she came with had purchased a horse.) When she arrived at the sanctuary, she counted three horses instead of two. More perplexing, was the foal. He was not the one she had planned to rescue, but Nudge. That baby needed even more attention because not only was he extremely thin, but he had an umbilical hernia, and an infected eye that was swollen shut. 

I met Nudge last week. I was appalled at his thinness. As a baby he never had the nutrition necessary to develop properly. His growth has been stunted. His legs look like four toothpicks. His body is pencil thin lengthwise and widthwise. He has been so undernourished, that it is difficult to give him an age. His abdomen appears full, well rounded, but it is a symptom of having worms. Because of starvation, he has no muscle mass at this time. Because of a lack of calcium, his pastern bones (between the fetlock “ankle” and hoof) will never straighten to a normal angle. His umbilical hernia will be addressed once he has gained at least 100lbs. He appeared subdued and a bit cautious of people. 


Since his rescue, 10 days ago, Nudge has gained 38lbs. (On the photos Nudge had already put on 20lbs.) He has hay provided for him round the clock. He is given a feed called “One n Only” to which he has constant access. He is also served a Senior feed in small controlled portions. His left eye has cleared after being treated with antibiotics. He is slowly regaining his strength and energy. He was actually seen cantering and trotting with his mystery friend from the auction. His friend, named Daktari, and is a “Hinny”, from a donkey mother and a horse father. Quite rare I understand.

NudgeAs you can see from the photos and what you have read, Nudge will require a lot of care which will be quite expensive. This is a no-frills sanctuary that tries its best to help horses in need. Please send the largest gift you can to help pay for his food and the surgical treatment he will require. Make your payment to Animals Abused & Abandoned, Inc.


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Your support will make a large difference in a healthy recovery for Nudge. I thank you in advance for your generous contribution.