Edwina's Story

This lovely creature had a personal encounter with a knife-wielding monster. She survived abuse that no animal should have to suffer. Edwina is a homeless cat and this is how she tells her story.

Edwina“Monsters really exist! I had a personal encounter with one and I was lucky to escape with my life and most of my skin. There I was, trying to find something to eat, begging for food. I didn’t have a home, so food was really hard to come by, and I was always hungry. I love and trust people, even though I was callously abandoned by my family to fend for myself. So when I saw this person come up to me, “Great”, I thought, “maybe this person will feed me, or even better, take me home and love me forever.” Instead this monster grabbed me, took out a knife and started skinning me alive! As hungry and as weak as I was, I managed to escape his grip on my skin and ran for my life.

Edwina's woundThe pain was indescribable. Every move was agonizing. I don’t know how long I hid under someone’s patio. It may have been several days. I did not have the strength to look for food or water. I must have been in shock, slipping in and out of consciousness. I don’t remember how, but the kind people living in that house found me and helped me. At last, I had a ray of hope in my life.

I was rushed to a veterinary clinic. A piece of skin, 3” x 4”, was missing from my back. All those meals I had missed came in handy. I was skin and bones. As it turned out, I had enough extra skin from being so skinny that the vet was able to pull it together over my wound and sew me up.

Edwina on the mendIn spite of that ridiculous cone over my head to keep me from licking my surgical area, I managed to pull some stitches loose, requiring a trip to the emergency clinic. At some time my wound became infected. So I now receive hydrotherapy twice a day. I am also given medication that tastes awful. I am showered with a lot of love and plenty of food where I live. I love my food! As a stray, I often went days with an empty stomach.”

As you may imagine, Edwina’s vet bills are several hundreds of dollars. She is asking you for your financial support. Please consider donating to the medical expenses of this precious cat. Any amount is appreciated. Your gift makes a difference between life and death for Edwina and other innocent cats and kittens. Please, help by clicking on the donations button below. Edwina joins Animals Abused & Abandoned in thanking you for all that you do to help homeless animals.

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PS: If anyone is interested in helping Edwina forget her past by giving her a lifetime of happiness when fully recovered, please contact us. She is a Turkish Van mix, less than one year old.

PPS: We will keep you posted of her progress on our Updates page.

Photos taken by Weems Hutto – © 2009.