Angie, The Fairy Dogmother of Dallas

I would like to introduce you to a very special rescuer.  For over a decade she has dedicated her time, her love, and her money to the animals of  Dallas that have no homes, or that live a pitiful existence at the end of a chain.

It all started 12 years ago when Angie met a woman who fed strays.  Angie followed this woman on her rounds asking many questions and learning from her. She decided this was something she wanted to do. 

dog eatingAngie is known by many in the rescue world as the "Fairy Dogmother of Dallas." She walks the talk every day, 365 days a year regardless of the weather.  “If I don’t feed them, no one will.  I wouldn’t sleep well at night knowing they are hungry.”  Not only does she feed them, but she medicates them as well. She gets dog houses to protect them from the elements.  They generally have no place to shield themselves from the harsh cold wind, the sleet, and the freezing temperatures in winter as they are usually tethered to a tree.  She even lived in the worst neighborhoods of Dallas at one time, where she still carries her rescue operation single handedly.   

At first, when Angie began feeding strays and pets tied with long heavy chains in their yards, they were most distrustful of her.  So were their cruel owners who could not understand why this person would bother feeding their animals.  The dogs were angry.  They reacted to her aggressively. They would have torn her apart at their first chance.  Slowly, but surely, over months, even years, everyone, humans and pets, became accustomed to sighting this small woman carrying food and water to the animals, first aid medications and refurbished dog houses.  She became part of their daily lives.  Angie has earned the trust of both pet owners and their animals.  A huge feat in itself.  No one enters those neighborhoods, unless you live there and you are known. 

Over the years, Angie has seen much cruelty.  She cannot remember how many animals she has helped.   She has saved dogs from horrendous circumstances.  She made them all a promise years ago that she would never abandon them and that she would return daily to make their lives a little bit more comfortable.  She has taken them to the veterinarian for infected fight wounds, for broken limbs, skin infections, or being near death from starvation.  Many of the dogs and cats on her daily feeding route have been sterilized. The dogs are on heartworm preventative.  Both cats and dogs are on flea and tick prevention.  With the winter season upon us, she has asked for dog houses--any condition will do--that she will stuff with hay for warm bedding.   All the dogs wear 1” nylon collars rather than those heavy chains as so often seen on television news programs where police raid drug rings.  They are still tied in yards where they spend their entire lives.  Education has been tried to no avail.  No one ever pets them.  All they know are harsh words, a beating, a kick, and dog fights.  Angie is the only one who tells them what beautiful animals they are, and how much they are loved by her.  For the first time in their lives they know kindness from a human.  And they in turn adore her.  If at one time they would have endangered her life, they now celebrate her daily visits.  They know she will feed them, give them treats and fresh water, spend time talking to them, comforting them.  She is their only friend and their best hope for survival.

All of this care comes at a heavy price.  Angie receives some help from fellow rescuers.  She obtains financial support from strangers on occasion.  But most of her expenses are paid out of her own pocket.  She lives a very modest life and the rest of her money goes to the animals.  It is urgent that she whittle down her vet bill.  She is always in dire need of pet food, treats, medicine, collars and pet toys.  She has dedicated her life to helping animals that hurt everyday because of lack of care, concern and callousness from their owners. 

happy dogWe are entering the time of the year to make dreams come true, to believe in Santa Claus.  Help us keep Angie’s friends warm during this winter season by protecting them from the elements, by keeping their stomachs full and helping them sleep through the nights without the incessant biting by parasites.

Having a difficult time finding that special gift?  Make a gift to these animals by sending a donation to Animals Abused & Abandoned in honor of a friend, a relative or a co-worker.  This will be an unforgettable present for Angie’s friends.  Every dollar makes a difference in the life of an abused and homeless pet.  It is a chance for a healthier and a kinder life.  Please be part of that Christmas wonder. Click on the donation button below to contribute. 


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Animals Abused & Abandoned, Inc. thanks you in advance for your generous contribution and Angie’s friends express their heartfelt gratitude.

collage of many animals that Angie has helped