This is Our Chance for Adoption

dog 13In a rural county, outside of a major city in the southwest, there is a private animal shelter that housed 55 large dogs and over 100 cats. Cold and hungry, these sweet animals have been living in deplorable conditions. The dogs are contained in over crowded outdoor pens with broken dog houses to protect them from the wind, the rain and the cold. They stand up to their ankles in muck and feces. The food bowls are empty and filthy. The water buckets are turned over and dry. Like many such well-intentioned rescue operations, this rapidly deteriorating facility has run out of money and its animals are suffering for it.

adoption 15Thankfully, another rescue group has stepped in and assumed responsibility for relocating all of these innocent creatures to other no-kill shelters and adoption groups in the city, and then closing this failed facility.

Placing these animals with other care-givers requires that they be fully vetted to make them adoptable. Tragically, 10 dogs have already died from the effects of starvation, lack of medical care and over crowding. The rescue group managing this process has asked Animals Abused & Abandoned to fund the spay-neuter cost for 31 of the remaining 45 dogs. (All the cats have been sterilized and removed from the location.) Even at discounted surgery rates, our total cost will exceed $3,000.

50Please consider the terrible conditions these animals are living in (the photos say more than words can describe), and their chance for a better life with a family, if these sterilization surgeries can be funded quickly.

On behalf of Sonny, Brandy, Majic and all of these innocent and helpless dogs, please be generous in your donation to their urgent surgical care. Take a look at their faces – some reflect dejection, anticipation and others hopefulness. This is their last hurdle before the promise of a warm hearth, abundant food and the greatest wish of all, a loving guardian. To make this happen, click on the donation button below. Any size gift will contribute to a brighter future for the dogs you have read about in this story.

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