Chester's Story

Let me tell you about this cat………….

ChesterChester is a beautiful Blue Point Siamese mix, approximately 2-3 years of age.  He has an injured right hind leg.  He does not use his broken leg or foot, except as a kickstand to balance himself when standing still. As you can see from the photos, the wound, an open fracture, is seen at the joint of his right hind limb.  And of course, he is in pain.

Chester was saved from imminent euthanasia by a rescue group.   He was taken to a veterinary clinic for evaluation. X-rays determined that his heel bone is broken in two different places. The leg is also infected.  Because of where the break is located, pinning the bones is not a viable option.  The surgeon recommends amputation.  Since he has not been eating or drinking much in the past few days, he is a bit dehydrated.  He is being given IV fluids, antibiotics and pain medication.  He will have a blood panel drawn to ensure nothing else is causing him not to eat.

hockChester either got lost and was hit by a car or maybe was injured and driven from his home because the owners did not want or could not afford to pay for the medical costs.  It is surmised that he was someone’s pet at one time and is highly adoptable.  He has the most pleasant disposition, very friendly, very affectionate and enjoys the company of people and gives good hugs.  Besides that, he is a very handsome young man.  Look at those blue eyes! 

The people who contacted me want to give him a chance.  His medical prognosis is very good, but expensive.   They can afford to vaccinate him, test him for FIV/FeLV, give him fluids, antibiotics and pain medication.  But the cost of such a surgery, for a small rescue group, is beyond their financial capacity.

ChesterThis is a critical situation! Chester is begging for the opportunity for a good life.  Remember that he is in need of this surgery immediately. 

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Your donations and sponsorships are appreciated. This one life depends on you!  Chester will adjust very well to having three legs.  He will run and play. He will live a normal life like any other cat. 

Chester is ready for the challenge. Please give him that chance!



A quick update on Chester’s surgery….. 

chesterHe did amazingly well!  His left hind limb was removed without any complications.  He was given IV antibiotics post-op, and to keep him comfortable, he was offered pain medication. He spent a few days at the veterinary office under observation.  It was reported that Chester would lie on his back, stretching his little stub out like it was going to regrow a leg if he pushed hard enough.  He quickly became the staff’s favorite patient.  Chester never growled, spat or clawed.  He just purred!

chesterHe very happily recovered from his ordeal in his foster home.  He had his own room where he could roam around and discover hiding places.  His haunch was ultra sensitive at first and he flinched if you touched his naked skin. That only lasted for about a week.  All the angry red bruising and the swelling went down in about the same time.  He enjoyed being carried around and was most happy to have his furry parts petted.  Chester would tire easily at first, but as each day passed, he adjusted to walking, running and jumping on three legs.  His favorite place was the back of the couch on the electric blanket.

chesterSince then, another bit of good news.  Chester joined his new family this past weekend, where he will live out the rest of his life as an indoor cat.   We heard that Chester had made himself right at home and immediately conquered the stairs without hesitation.

Chester joins me in thanking all of you who helped make his journey possible.  Your support brought a happy ending a truly amazing cat!

Chester Plays

Five months later ...

I cannot believe it has been 5 months since we first met Chester! I have attached pictures so you may see how great he's doing. His nub hip, as we formerly deemed 'chicken breast', is now covered in beautiful dark grey fur. He runs our stairs faster than our other two cats that have four legs! Chester's favorite time is dinner time when I am cooking chicken. He is such a smart boy, for he knows the sound of the plastic tearing off the chicken packaging. Chester comes running full speed from wherever he is meowing his unique little song. Chester's favorite place to sleep is directly between Ed and myself (we have actually considered upgrading to a king size bed because of Chester!) He has many facial expressions that we are still naming on a daily basis. His two brothers, Flapjack and Meatball, have taken so nicely to him and they all play and lounge in the living room where the sun shines in through the windows. We grow fresh catnip, in our herb garden, which we snip off and bring inside for the cats. Chester LOVES his snipping of catnip, so much that he usually falls asleep holding it in his paws!

Ed has admitted many times that he's so happy he caved and said yes to Chester. We do not know what life would be like now without our three legged boy!

Many thanks,

Noel, Ed Flapjack, Meatball, and Chester