Clare's Diary

Clare when first foundDay 1I am so tired and so cold.  I am becoming so weak.  I can no longer think clearly nor can I go on much longer.  I have not eaten in several days, maybe it has been weeks.  I will walk along this road, as long as my legs will carry me. …... I must be dreaming, but I think someone has stopped.  There are soft voices speaking to me and someone’s gentle hands are picking me up. 

Clare was found by a lady finishing her volunteer shift.  She was driving down a street when she saw someone trying to rescue this dog almost dead from starvation.  Since it was just past noon on a Saturday afternoon, all the veterinary clinics were already closed.  She took the little dog home.

Day 1 (later) – Within a few minutes of arriving at this home, I had food, water, a warm bed and I felt safe again.  I fell asleep exhausted. 

Day 2The next morning I was taken outside to do my business.  The only thing that came out of me was a few sticks.  I had been reduced to trying to survive by eating sticks and grass. I was taken to a vet sometime that day.  On the way there, I sat on my foster mom’s lap and did the driving.  At the clinic, I was given a thorough examination and I had many tubes of blood drawn.  The vet said I had many health problems and it would take a while for me to get better.  I am a Schnauzer/Terrier mix, or a Schnoodle,  and I have almost no fur.  I am heartworm positive.  I don’t comprehend what this means, but I do understand that I must become stronger before being given an unpleasant treatment.  I also must have my teeth cleaned and some of them pulled, again when I am healthier.

The foster mother reports that Clare’s primary health problem is starvation.  The vet gave her a one (emaciated) on the 1 to 9 scoring scale.  She is so sick and starved that she is not deemed healthy enough to vaccinate at this time.  The vet stated that her lack of fur stemmed from “horrific” skin problems.  The lab work revealed a lazy thyroid.  Clare was immediately started on medicated shampoos for her skin and on a weekly topical called Essential Spot On.  She has begun taking Thyrosyn for hypothyroidism.  Clavamox is given for her skin infection and Ivermectin, a two time dose, for tape worms.  Our little lady is 10 years old by the condition of her teeth.  In the first week of her rescue, Clare was so weak that her hind legs would often go out on her.  She could not even sit.  When she tried, she would literally go to her knees.

Day 7I am beginning to feel so much better.  I eat quality dog food.  My foster mother also treats me frequently to scrambled eggs, bits of cheese, yogurt and sardines.  She also says I am a dream girl and have never been a problem.  I am housetrained.  I listen well and never have to be asked more than once to go into my crate when it is time.

From the photos everyone can tell this dog’s recovery will be a long process and her treatments will be expensive. Clare was at the point of death when someone noticed her and intervened.  This rescue group needs your financial help now.  Beside the visits to her veterinarian, Clare will need her heartworm treatment, dental care and be spayed when feeling better.  Even at discounted prices, these interventions will be very costly.  Her foster mother said it so well:  “It is always a miracle to realize that these animals, which have been so badly treated, still have their little spirits intact.  Watching her find her place in our little pack was so touching.  She was barely more than a skeleton, but since we made it a point to keep her away from mirrors (ha), she really didn’t know what a fright she was, so she just held her head up and joined in the fun.” 

Clare after two weeksThis is a glimpse of Clare after two weeks of TLC.  Please give Clare that fighting chance at a decent life by donating generously for the care of this precious pet.

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Such an amazing spirit she has displayed! Such a will to live!  Help her live many more years and be someone’s baby again.

Update - April 11, 2010

Week 4I am pleased to tell everyone that I feel marvelous!  I had my heartworm treatment – stage 1 – good news for me.  I received two injections and spent the night at the clinic.  I was quite sore, but was back to myself within a few days.  I am taking an antibiotic and a baby aspirin two times a day.  Yuk!  They taste so nasty.    Oh, I have been vaccinated, more pain, but it did not last longI also take a syrup for something in my throat. (She takes Thyrosyn twice a day for her thyroid.)

Week 5 - When I came to my foster home, I weighed 11lbs, now I weigh 18lbs.  My vet said I might be getting a bit “pudgy”.  I don’t know what that means, but when my foster mom heard about it she just said “have another treat Clare-bear.” 

I am allowed on the furniture at my foster home, but I still can’t quite jump up on the sofa without help.  The foster mom made the comment that “Last evening Clare was sleeping on the sofa.  Although she was actually snoring, every time I whispered her name, her little tail waged furiously.”

OscarWeek 6 - My hair is growing back.  I am starting to look and feel pretty again.  I will really be beautiful after my teeth cleaning.  I think I will have my stomach cut on so that I won’t have any babies, also on the same day as my dental. But Doc wants to wait a little longer because of the anesthesia. I need to get a bit stronger.

I am a happy girl.  I love everything about my new life – my foster mom, the dogs that live in my house and I really like the cats.  I even have a beau.  His name is Oscar. I heard that his family wants to adopt me.  He resembles me and he cannot wait to meet me. He will have to wait until I am better. Her mom made the comment that when Clare hears her lead being picked up, she is ready for a walk.  She loves to ride in a car.  She enjoys being groomed.  She has a wonderful personality and is a joy to have around.

I enjoyed chatting with everyone.  Please check back.  I will have more news in the next couple of weeks.

Update on Clare - May 10, 2010

Clare TodayHere is a follow-up on Clare’s story.  Her photo says more that any words can express.   She has progressed so well in her recovery that since our last update, she has been spayed, had a dental with two extractions and the removal of a little growth on her left eyelid and the removal of a tumor in her left chest.   Her foster mother reports that “she is now happy and bouncy and shows her gratitude by being sweet and loving and also by being vocal about everything.  She is still not able to climb onto the sofa or into the car without help, but has no problem with a few stairs.”

Clare and Oscar finally met, unfortunately, it was not the star studded ending that we humans had hoped for.  So Clare has put out the word that she is again looking for that special companion.   She attended her first adoption event this past weekend.  She barked constantly at every new dog she saw, wagging her tail the entire time.  She quieted down when her foster mom took her out of her crate and sat her on her lap.  If anyone is interested in giving this spunky girl that special home she seeks, please contact us at

A thank you to everyone who participated in the medical expenses this little girl incurred.  From her picture you have been justly rewarded.  We were nearly able to pay the entire veterinary bill.  This should place a smile in your hearts knowing you saved this precious dog’s life.

Final Update on Clare - June 17, 2010

Clare has continued to recover from her ordeal.  Although we were lucky to have a number of great applicants, Clare and her foster mom decided that the bond forged between them during her recovery should not be broken and she was adopted on June 12, 2010.  The other dogs there all have a middle name, so a little ceremony was held and Clare was given the middle name Devereaux in honor of Rue McClanahan's character on Golden Girls.  The whole family look forward to continuing to give little golden girl Clare the kind of life she deserved all along.