Mr. Payton

PaytonThis beautiful cat was found by a young couple.  He had been lying, injured, in their apartment stairwell for three days.  They brought him to a rescue group who immediately took him to their vet.  His wounds were cleaned.  He was given fluids for dehydration and was started on Clavamox, an antibiotic, and pain medication
Mr. Payton was in shock when brought in for help, but all the while he was provided care, he did not try to fight.  He had some very painful injuries that required cleaning, irrigating and medicating.  Dead skin tissue was cut away from the worst bite wounds.  No one heard either a hiss or a growl.  He never tried to swat or bite.  He spent one night at the clinic and the following day, he returned to the rescue group.
Payton's woundBy the second day, the wounds started oozing pus.  The vet’s treatment protocol is to wash his injuries with normal saline twice a day.  Continue the antibiotic twice daily.  Change his bedding morning and evening.  Shredded paper is placed in his litter box, as litter would get into his gaping holes.  He has a good appetite and drinks well.  He really likes canned food!  These are signs of a good prognosis.  He purrs generously.  Enjoys being petted and having his head stroked, but his favorite thing is to have his nose rubbed.

His lacerations cannot be stitched up until the infection is totally gone.  His body is covered with fight scabs around his head, neck and shoulders, a testament of a harsh life for any cat living in the streets.  Luckily, Payton tested negative for both FIV and FeLV.  The vet commented that he must have a great immune system.

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PaytonAs we all know, this kind of care comes at a cost that most rescue organizations cannot afford.  And Payton faces more doctoring in the next few weeks.   He is asking for your help.  If we can pay off his vet bill, this rescue group will assist another discarded animal in need of medical treatment.  Your support makes it possible for Payton and others to look forward to a bright future. Please make a donation for his continued medical care.  Your generosity is appreciated. 

PS:  Payton has started interviewing potentially loving caregivers for his forever home.



Update on Payton - May 10, 2010

PaytonWe know that many of you are curious to know how Mr. Payton is recovering.  His wounds healed at record speed.  Probably due to the wonderful care and nutritious food he received from the ladies who rescued him.  And let’s not forget his great immune system.   His orange eyes became clearer and brighter as he felt better and his fur has grown back.

He likes to hang out in baskets on top of the bank of cages in his convalescent room.  He also has a fondness for lounging on the shelf that runs around the room.  He enjoys perching himself on the cat tree in that room where he observes all activities. 

Payton went to an adoption event this past weekend.  It was reported that he helped with the adoption of other kitties that morning by thoroughly inspecting a bag of Science Diet food that was going with them to their new home.  He even tried chewing through the top and side seams, but being unable to make even the slightest hole, it passed inspection.  Then he decided to get in the lady’s purse and take a nap.  It’s hard work being Inspector 13 after all!

PaytonUnfortunately there were no applicants for Payton, very probably because he is a black cat and the stigma associated with a black colored pet.  They don’t know what they are missing out on.  Payton is such a love.  And with those gorgeous burning amber colored eyes, he will make some lucky family the perfect Halloween window decoration! 

Our appreciation goes to everyone who helped with Payton’s medical bill. The entire amount was paid because of your generous donations.  

But let’s not stop here! Let’s find our special boy a home.  Tell all your friends and acquaintances what a great cat he is.  If interested in adopting Payton, please contact

August 2010

Good news! Payton has been adopted! A note from his new owner confirms that he is doing well and has been accepted into the family by resident cat Elliot:

"Dexter (formerly Payton) has been awesome! He and Elliot are getting along so well. They play chase and lay together on the tile by the door... Once he realized that Dexter was here to be his buddy, he was really excited."

Thanks to friends of Animals Abused and & Abandoned, this story has multiple happy endings: Payton, now Dexter, has completely recovered from his injuries and has a new home. The rescue organization was able to pay for his care and can contiue to provide its services to the community. And ... Elliot has a new friend!