Four Arabian Stallions

RemingtonArabian horses are known for their obedience. Extremely beautiful, with a delicacy that belies their strength and stamina, they shine in competitive riding events all over the world. What a cruel irony when these majestic animals fall into the hands of a heartless breeder.

More than forty Arabian horses were seized from a breeder by county authorities last week because they were suffering from extreme neglect. Filthy, matted, and starving, stallions and mares, ranging in ages from 2 to 22 years, were first offered for sale at a county auction, and then those not sold were turned over to rescue organizations.

Four of the most emaciated stallions are being rehabilitated by a small rescuer who is pleading for help. Her four-legged bags of skin and bones need emergency veterinary treatment, various medications, plenty of fresh, nutritious food and supplements, and when they are healthy enough, gelding surgeries.

Remington, a 3 year old stallion, has never been handled, and is frightened and wild. He is hundreds of pounds under-weight and his growth appears stunted from lack of nutrition. His hooves are paper thin and he hobbles around his new home on “elf” feet, meaning his hooves hadn’t been trimmed in so long that they have curled over, making every step he tries to take painful and dangerous. He has been treated for worms, parasites, ticks and has been given the West Nile virus vaccination.

ShaimanShaiman, 22 years old, is the sickest. He is hundreds of pounds under-weight and the most emaciated of the four rescues. He was so weak upon arrival at his new home, he almost collapsed when he tried to step off of the trailer. His body index scored a 2, when one is the lowest score that can be given. He is being treated for an upper respiratory infection. He, too, has been treated for worms, parasites and ticks and given the West Nile virus vaccination It took several hours to untangle his mane which had tick nests that had to be excised.

Andromadus, a 17 year old stallion, is also hundreds of pounds underweight and dehydrated. In his weakened state, he, too, nearly fell off the trailer. He has since been treated for internal parasites and has been given the West Nile virus vaccination.

EpicEpic, an 11 year old stallion, is also below normal weight. He has been treated for internal and external parasites and given the West Nile virus vaccination.

All four horses are on a special diet of 5lbs of Total Equine feed twice a day, and all the fresh alfalfa they can eat. They love their food and happily munch away. Their expressions show such pleasure and appreciation. They apparently feel better, because they are more responsive. They neigh when the rescuer brings them their feed and buckets of fresh water.

Arabians are known around the world for their strength and beauty, but with their filthy, sick and severely malnourished condition, it will cost $3,000 or more per horse to bring these magnificent animals back to being simply healthy again.

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