Chicha's Story

ChichaThe email read: A-DORABLE little chi girl... broken leg needs surgery... ANYONE????

A rescue group took the financial challenge. The little dog was rescued from a municipal animal shelter. It was simply amazing that this dog, with a fractured leg, was still available for rescue several days after her arrival. Someone must have thought she was pretty special. As you can see from the photos taken at the pound, her leg was placed in a splint and her records indicate she was given an anti-inflammatory on a daily basis. How was that tiny leg broken, everyone asks? We all wish Chicha could explain.

She was taken immediately to a veterinary clinic where she was x-rayed and a new splint applied. The radiographs indicated a radius/ulna fracture in her left forelimb. This type of break on such a small animal requires the expertise of an orthopedic surgeon. This is delicate surgery for an animal so tiny. She weighs only 3.6 lbs at two years of age!

ChichaThe cost of this specialized veterinary care is estimated at $2,300. The rescue group is committed to have this surgery. If Chicha does not receive this special care, she runs the risk of her leg never healing properly, breaking it again, developing an infection, or worse, an amputation of that limb. Her aftercare, which will include splint/bandage changes every 14 days and recheck x-rays, will be added expenses.

ChichaThe report from the foster home is that Chicha has acclimated to her new environment. She is very social and wants to be with people, whenever possible. How she loves to give kisses! It seems she understands that she was rescued and this is her way of showing her gratitude. She enjoys the company of other dogs, but cannot, of course, share in any sort of playtime. Chicha is kept crated 24 hours a day, except for piddle breaks and when not napping on her foster mom's lap. She cannot place any weight on her leg until she has her surgery. With this wonderful personality, what other choice is there but to give her a second chance at a quality life?

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Update on Chicha - Nov. 9, 2010

ChichaChicha had her surgery, thanks to generous donors. Her fracture was reduced and stabilized with six screws and a plate. A bone graft was packed around the fracture site to increase and strengthen the healing. She came out of the operating suite with a beautiful bright pink splint.

She was given an anti-inflammatory for a few days. Her pain was manageable compared to the days spent at animal control with a broken leg. She bounced back so quickly, that her recovery had to be watched with great diligence. Chicha wanted to play, run and have fun with her new found friends. Her movements had to be curtailed and she was confined to in airline carrier when not resting on her foster mom’s lap.

Chicha and friendSo, the good word is that Chicha is recovering very well from her surgery, but the best news is that she has already been adopted to a wonderful couple. While at the specialist’s office, Austin was highly interested in giving Chicha a home. Two weeks later, a home visit was done and it was a match made in heaven. From the moment Chicha was carried into the house, she was comfortable with her new parents and sisters. This lovely couple had readied their home to welcome this new member of their family.

Chicha’s leg is just about totally healed. The updates from her family are all positive and upbeat. Coco, her new name, is definitely a little sister to Sable and Rocksie. This couple “did not realize their lives were not complete until they adopted Coco”. It doesn’t get better than this!