Petey's Story

Petey was a cruelty seizure  by Animal Control. He was tethered to a pole with a dilapidated shelter called a dog house.  He was fortunate to still be alive, because his buddy was not. This poor pup started wagging his tail and whining when he saw the cruelty officer come into the backyard.  He was removed from his inhumane surroundings and was brought to a safe environment, just temporarily.  Upon physical examination, it was noted that he had an embedded collar, was covered in fleas, thin and dehydrated.   And he is only ten months old!

Treating Petey’s dehydration was a primary concern. He was given intravenous fluids and monitored carefully. His neck wound was cleaned with hydrotherapy.  He was loaded up with analgesics to keep him comfortable during his treatment and given a penicillin injection. Petey appreciated having several people cleaning his wound and giving him a flea bath.  In fact, he was as sweet as can be and even gave little kisses.

An appeal was sent out the next day for a rescue group to please give him the chance he deserved.  Animal Control could not keep him until he healed.  He had until the next afternoon or he would be euthanized at the end of that day.  A group came forward and picked him up the day of the plea.   What a lucky break for a pit mix!  Staffordshire Terriers, full blooded or mixed, are seldom saved.  Because of the public phobia for that breed, they are very difficult to adopt.

This is the report on Petey the Pittie from his foster mother.  “He is the sweetest baby.  The first two days I had him, he was just so tired.  Today he showed some playfulness.  He is so cute!  He barks when he needs to potty.  He wags his body and smiles.  He is sooooo emaciated!  I feed him small portions and gradually add more food at each meal.  Right now he is on medication for pain, antibiotics and LOTS OF  LOVE.”

Petey went to the vet for a follow-up visit and made lots of new human friends there.  He greeted everyone with the happy full body Pittie wag. He is to continue his pain medication, antibiotics for about one month and must have hydrotherapy to his open wound four times daily for several weeks.  He will be a regular at the clinic for continuous treatment and to keep close track of his progress.  He apparently had every intestinal worm possible, but he is heartworm negative at this time.

No animal should have to live in those sordid conditions as shown on the photo!   How can any anyone treat a life with such disrespect,  in such a callous manner?  Unfortunately, there are so many cases like Petey in our cities that go unreported.  He is so young to have experienced such cruelty, such abuse.   Dogs, by nature, are so forgiving that his emotional injuries will be short lived, but help us treat his physical wounds. 

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This is an expense that this rescue group did not anticipate. Let’s join together, pool our money and let’s give this poor dog the break he merits. Your gift will give him the right amount of care and medicines, all the while preparing Petey to find the perfect forever family.