Jack's Story

JackA young dog was sitting against a fence, on a patch of grass, close to a busy road. Something did not seem right. The lady turned her car around to get a closer look and saw that the dog needed help. As she neared the animal, she realized he had a serious leg injury. She called a friend of hers for help. A towel was placed around him and he was picked with little or no struggle. He was too exhausted at this point to resist anyone. He was also in intense pain and weak from hunger.

The two ladies took him to a nearby veterinary clinic. They were told the injury was two to four weeks old. An infection had set into the fractured bone which was protruding from his right hind leg. His paw and lower leg were degloved, meaning the skin had been torn off. Because the wound was so extensive, being homeless, and considering the cost of treatment, it was suggested that the dog be put to sleep. But after finding this baby and seeing how loving and kind he was while in such pain, his rescuers decided that he was worth the additional cost of trying to save him.

Jack's injuryWhat were their options? Six weeks of hydrotherapy would be required prior to placing a plate and screws in his leg, if the limb could be saved. Amputation was another choice. Those ladies agonized over what to do, when it was suggested that perhaps a second opinion would make their decision easier and ease their minds. It was agreed, if the leg could be saved, it was well worth a second look.

He was vaccinated, bathed and medicated for fleas that were scampering all over his body. He was wormed, and very importantly he was fed. It was obvious he had not eaten in a long time. He was happy to be warm and have a full stomach. He was given pain medication and he spent the night at the clinic. So now this sweet boy needed a name. Jack! Named for Jack Frost because of the time of the year and the fact that it was so cold the morning he was found.

The next morning Jack was taken to another veterinarian for a second opinion. While driving, Caren had one hand on him and spoke to him the entire way. He would turn his head to different angles as if to show he was listening. He finally rested his head in her palm, closed his eyes, sighed as if to say “I am safe now”.

Jack after surgeryThe second veterinarian concluded that removing the leg was in Jack’s best interest. She said there was less than a 5% chance Jack would ever use it again and it could cause problems for the rest of his life. The decision was simple to make this time. He was given every chance and there would be no regrets.

 Jack’s surgery was a success. He was happy and feeling so much better the day after the operation. He was up and walking on his three legs. He made several friends at the clinic because of his good-natured temperament. He was closely observed during his recovery while remaining at the clinic for several days. He is in foster care at this time, but when fully recovered, he will need a permanent home.

Jack’s treatment has been a heavy expense for these two rescuers. It is nearing $2000. If you wish to assist with Jack’s expenses, your donation will help pay for his surgery and on-going medical care, and improve the chances of this innocent and defenseless animal to find a forever home.

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Update on Jack 

Jack’s foster mother reports that he has adapted to walking and running on three legs. Within hours of his leg amputation, he was taking tentative steps. He has had an easy recovery period under his doctor’s supervision. He remained at the clinic a few days while waiting for a foster home. Since none stepped forward, the lady who found Jack took him to her house while looking for a permanent home.

Well, you can imagine the rest. Day by day she grew more attached to Jack. “I am a failed foster mom as I have decided to keep Jack. Just over the weekend, I could see a huge difference in his personality. The playful puppy in him is coming out more and more. It’s just wonderful to see the change in him.”

Jack’s life could have taken a tragic turn. It took two ladies with compassion and determination to save this young dog. He is now healthy and happy, and will live his life to the fullest. His photos say it all!