A Bouquet of Chrysanthemums

Recently, a Shih Tzu breeder suffered a stroke. Her son called an independent rescuer and told her that the dogs needed to be picked up in a matter of days, or they would be taken to the local pound - all 35 of them. The rescuer knew the municipal shelter was full. She was also aware that the dogs were not in a state of health where they could be adopted immediately; therefore, they would be put down immediately upon entering the facility. She rushed that same day to pick them up and crammed them all in her small vehicle. In desperation, she called a near-by rescue team for help. This small group of angels took responsibility for the complete lot.

It was obvious from the start that the dogs’ care up to this point had been negligent. The dogs need to be seen by a vet and treated for various skin conditions. Many of them are nearly bald from superimposed skin infections and constant itching and scratching.

Several are so matted, that they must be shorn before any topical medication can be applied to their bodies.  They will require oral antibiotics as well. Undernourished, they are fed a highly nutritious food. Having been breeder dogs, all have to be sterilized. Spaying and neutering will be mandatory prior to adoption. They range between one and three years of age and come in an assortment of colors. Even in their debilitated state, they are lively, playful and alert! (The breed is known for its chrysanthemum-like face.)

The care required is not severe. The estimate is roughly $150 per dog, including the spay/neuter. But when multiplied by 35, the total comes to a shocking $5,250! This rescuer obviously needs assistance from our generous public, friends and donors. Click Here to Make a Donation

Please, help us give these beautiful little dogs another chance at a decent life and a bright future.