Scarlett's Story

Scarlett and pasture-mateScarlett and her pasture-mate were left behind without food or water when their owners moved away. Neighbors took pity on them and occasionally fed them onions, bread and potatoes through the fence.

Scarlett's unfortunate pasture-mateEventually the gray horse became so debilitated from weakness, she could no longer stand. A local veterinarian was called. He attempted to force feed her and hydrate her, but it was too late for this once vibrant horse. Her resolve had already perished so she no longer could fight the odds. The county deputy was summoned and the decision was made to euthanize this horse that had become just a shadow of herself.

A resident of that county took Scarlett home with the intention of restoring her to good health. But Scarlett, though in slightly better condition than her pasture-mate, required emergency and daily care that was financially prohibitive for the people who wanted to save her. So a rescue organization was called for help.

ScarlettThis rescue group is asking for financial assistance to assist them with the cost of Scarlett’s recovery. When she arrived at the rescuer’s barn, she was immediately examined by a veterinarian. She was diagnosed as being extremely dehydrated and underweight - every bone on her body was visible. Her head hung low from weakness and sadness. Her hooves were grown over and it was painful for her to move about in her stall. Her coat had patches of rain rot and her mane and tail were thin and ragged because of her poor condition. Worms were noted in her stools.

Scarlett was promptly given a Vitamin B injection and a farrier was called to trim her hooves. She was vaccinated to include the West Nile Virus and she was wormed. She is now fed small amounts of alfalfa and Total Equine, an enriched grain, every two hours. She fiercely guards her food and literally eats as if there is no tomorrow. She has plenty of fresh, cold water. Because she has not fat stores to keep her warm, a beautiful red blanket was purchased to help her body retain heat.

ScarlettScarlett is in good spirits. Her will to live is improving so she should recover with time. Because of her extreme weakened condition when she joined this rescue organization, she must remain in their watchful care for many months. When she regains her health, she will be placed for adoption. In the meantime, the vet and food bills keep mounting and are overwhelming this small rescue group. To help Scarlett with her expenses, your kind and generous assistance is needed.

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Scarlett is not the only horse requiring special care. This organization has several such cases, but she is the most severe. You can be Scarlett’s lifeline to a better life. Your donation will be deeply appreciated by Scarlett and her wonderful rescuers.