Bently - The Stunning Stray

BentlyLook at that stunning face!  If you look carefully you can see he has caramel colored cute.  Do you truly believe Bently was a stray?  This beautiful Cocker was dropped off as a foundling at one of our local municipal shelters.  It was noted that he had a severe limp.  A couple of days later, the owner called the shelter asking if the leg had been “fixed” yet.  He was told there was no vet on staff and he needed to come get his dog.  The owner never came.  The shelter staff found out that the owner’s son had dropped off the dog stating he was a stray.

 The dog went up for adoption and was immediately picked up, that very same day, by a rescue group.  Bently was seen by a veterinarian for an evaluation of his left front leg.

leg fracture x-ray
leg fracture x-ray

The X-rays revealed a five week old transverse fracture on his proximal humerus.   How did he incur such an injury, a break so high up on just one leg?  One’s best guess is he could have gotten kicked.

The treatment plan quote was $1394.00.  As you can see from the X-ray it included hardware, a plate, pins and bone graft.  The surgery was uneventful,  just a standard procedure for the orthopedist.  Bently stayed at the veterinary hospital a couple of nights.  His prognosis is very good.  Being so young, only seven months old, he should recover quickly and completely within six to eight weeks.  His incision only required sutures and no splint.  He goes to the vet again on 4/29 for more x-rays.  When the bone is completely healed, the pin will come out.  This intervention will be an added expense of $400.

BentlyThe foster mother reports that Bently is quite charming, all wiggly and puppyish.  He loves for his belly to be rubbed and also enjoys lying on the floor with all four legs spread out flat, which gives him the look of a floor mop!   He is very flexible and quite silly.  He is happy everywhere he goes and loves everybody.  It was noticed that if one moves too fast when bending over him to put on his collar and leash, he will cower.  It is unimaginable that someone would have been cruel to him, since he is so good and sooo sweet!

Bently This wonderful, caring rescue group is in need of financial assistance. 

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