Asa's Story

AsaAsa was found wandering the countryside in west Texas. From her appearance on the photos, it is obvious she has been out on her own for quite some time, abandoned, turned loose to fend for herself. This beautiful soul gave her whole life to someone who was not worthy of her love. Unfortunately, we will never know her story and the villains will go unpunished.

The pictures say more than words can ever tell. Asa obviously was very close to dying from starvation when found. She was brought immediately to a local rescue group by the sheriff department. She was so extremely debilitated, that she was unable to stand on her own. Asa was down in the trailer when she arrived at the shelter. She was trembling from weakness. It was a miracle when she stood, with much encouragement, because of the great effort it took for her to heave herself up.

AsaHer eyes are haunting - so full of hunger, sadness and despair. Her fur and skin are falling off in chunks. She has more bald spots than fur. She is several hundred pounds underweight. She received immediate care upon arrival. She was medicated with antibiotics for a horrible bladder infection and was given a wormer. Her hooves will require an appointment with the farrier and her teeth will have to be floated. She has been placed in a clean, warm paddock, safe from drafts and inclement weather. On pretty days, she enjoys the company of other horses in the corral. She is fed a special diet of grains with minerals and probiotics. The nutritious alfalfa hay is plentiful. The water is cool and fresh.

AsaAsa is asking for you to participate in her journey to recovery. She needs large quantities of special foods to regain her health. Just food! That’s all she is requesting. She has made it so far because of her strong will. She is a survivor. Click Here to Make a Donation

Let’s help her the rest of the way. She is an older mare, possibly 20 years old, still young enough to be someone’s best friend. She is a special animal that is hoping for her own special angel.