UriahThe County Sheriff’s department captured Uriah, a stallion, along a busy highway. He was suffering from a horrible eye injury. The people he belonged to did not want him back. They were emphatic about not wanting to incur any veterinary bills. So they abandoned him in hot drought conditions, no food, no water, blind in his left eye and so very frightened.

Uriah was brought to a horse rescue organization in excruciating pain, hungry and very scared. The eye socket around his left eye was crushed. His eye muscles were ruptured and his eye had a huge hole in it. It was black, sunken and oozing pus. He was immediately given fresh hay and cool water. The veterinarian was called, and on that same day, he came to evaluate the horse. The decision was made to have the eye removed. This was an intentional injury from someone hitting Uriah with a post. 

Uriah's eye following surgeryUriah had his surgery. His eye was removed with the muscles around it and the crushed bones. The two eyelids were stitched shut. He had arrived as a breeding stallion, so he was gelded as well. While under anesthesia, he had his hooves trimmed. They were in such horrible shape! A few days later, he developed an eye infection. Five doses of antibiotics cleared the problem.

UriahHe was on the thin side when he was welcomed by his rescuers. His hips and ribs were starting to show. He is still underweight, but gaining rapidly. He is also so fearful. He startles easily. Volunteers have been spending time speaking to him with soft, healing voices. He is given reassurance that he is in safe hands. He is petted gently and he is learning to accept human touch. It is apparent that someone beat him. He is very afraid of hoes, rakes and water hoses. Uriah is young, only seven years old. Except for his eye, he is very athletic and healthy, and should have a bright future. One eyed horses do very well as riding horses.

Uriah This story is one of the saddest and happiest. Uriah was doomed to go to the slaughter house if not for this caring rescue facility. Now he is safe and should be ready for adoption in a couple of months. To encourage more happy outcomes, let’s gather together to help this wonderful organization to carry on their mission. Uriah’s recovery is not inexpensive. Beside medical care, he requires nutritious food which is becoming more costly because of the drought in west Texas. Nothing is growing! The fields are dust bowls. There are days the temperature reaches 111 degrees in the shade. 

 This rescue group is becoming desperate, uncertain how they will continue to care for abused and abandoned horses left in their care. Click Here to Make a Donation

Please find it in your hearts to extend the gift of life to these beautiful creatures by making a generous donation to Uriah’s recovery.

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