Holiday "Pup-pourri"

This is a collage of stories of animals in need of medical care. They all have their special story which has the same underlying theme - abandonment, rejection, sickness, terror, pain, shyness, apprehension and finally a glimmer of hope. Help has arrived! A sigh of relief.

Lucy Loo

LUCY LOO is a three to five year old Beagle found on a country road after being hit by a car in a rainstorm. Luckily, a good samaritan saw the dog lying in a ditch and stopped. Her wounds were extensive so he kindly dropped her off at a city shelter rather than leave her to die alone and in great pain in the middle of no where. A plea went for anyone who could help this gentle dog as the facility did not have a veterinarian on staff. A rescue group stepped forward and rushed Lucy to an animal hospital.

Lucy LooXrays were taken which revealed a broken left front leg. She also had a degloving injury to her fractured toes on that same leg. A cast was applied to her front leg. The bone to her right hind leg was fractured as well and infected, as was the open wound surrounding the bone. It was decided the best option for the back leg was amputation. Lucy also had a broken tooth removed during the surgery.

Lucy tolerated her operation so well that two days later she was placed in foster care to finish her convalescence. Her body wounds are healing nicely with antibiotics. Everybody who meets Lucy Loo loves her immediately because she is so affectionate and appreciative of the kindness that is shown to her.

HarleyThis is HARLEY, who was found in a city shelter in Tennessee. He was sitting in the farthest corner of his cage, making himself as small as possible, hoping to be invisible, just shaking. He had been surrendered by his family because they were moving into an apartment. They obviously had no plans to take him with them. Heartbroken, he could not understand why he had been abandoned. He was a throw away! Luckily, he was rescued and has been adopted.

HaileyHere is HAILEY she has a few years on her. She was rescued from a kill shelter. She is being treated for mange and for heartworms. She is in foster care while recovering from her treatments. She was someone’s pet at one time. Why did she end up in a shelter? Her past was forever erased when she was brought through those doors. She has no past history. Her new life starts now. Hailey DID not give up. She FOUND that special person to love her.

BuddyNow this is BUDDY. He was sprung from a city shelter in Mississippi. He was ill with heartworms and had a painful skin condition. Had it not been for this rescue group, Buddy would have been euthanized. He has been placed in foster care while undergoing treatment for his skin problem and recovering from his heartworm treatment.

This is just a sample of a huge problem in the pet population which applies to cats/kittens, dogs/puppies and horses as well. This rescue is in desperate need of financial help to cover just heartworm treatments. The majority of dogs entering rescue programs are positive for this disease. If left untreated, they will die within a few short years. Lucy Loo’s surgery, antibiotics and hospital stay were high figures.

Because of the over abundance of abandoned companion animals needing medical care, vet bills are accumulating. We are in need of your generosity. With your help, you can make it possible for more helpless pets to be saved, for this rescue to continue its work and it’s commitment to ameliorate the lives of street animals who have no voice. With the spirit of the Holiday Season, please send us your special gift today.
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Your gracious donation will improve the lives not only of Lucy Loo, Harley, Hailey and Buddy, but of others not mentioned who are also waiting for their magical moment.