Nurca's Story

NurcaNurca is a beautiful Doberman that was injured while still a puppy, three years ago, but was never given any medical care. Maybe her leg could have been saved, but apparently, she was not worth the cost of a medical visit to her original owner. The details of her accident have long since been forgotten.

She was subsequently adopted by a new owner. Though lame when brought to her new home, the family did not take her to see a veterinarian, even though the dog was unable to place any weight on her left front limb. She would drag her leg, incapable of raising it off the ground. Her paw was degloved, meaning that the skin was sheared or torn off. Tissues and tendons were visible to the naked eye. The limb was swollen from the wrist to the elbow, with pus oozing from open wounds.

Nurca lived a solitary life in the backyard. A local rescuer, who drove by the property daily, noticed the friendly dog and quickly realized that if she did not receive immediate treatment, she could eventually die from septicemia. The lady asked the family to relinquish their dog, but if they did, they would never get her back. They agreed to surrender her. This decision was the beginning of a new life for Nurca!

Nurca's amputation siteShe was taken immediately to a veterinary clinic. A thorough examination confirmed a massive infection in the leg. Xrays results revealed she had an old fracture which had not been tended to. Because of the location of this old injury, the only option was to amputate. She was given antibiotics at the clinic prior to her surgery. Two days post-op, her rescuer picked her up and brought her home where she is slowly being nurtured back to health.

NurcaNurca has this adorable way of leaning into her rescuer as if to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience kindness. Despite a pretty rough start in life, she has the most sweet and gentle disposition. She aims to please and has so much love to offer. One can see she is starved for affection as she revels in all the kind words and gestures directed toward her. Sleeping indoors is total nirvana for Nurca!

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This rescue lady is seeking help to pay for Nurca’s surgery. She lives on very modest means and does what she can to help animals in need. But Nurca was a much larger expense than her savings can afford. There will be more bills in the very near future for hearworm treatment and sterilization. Your New Year’s gift would lighten this financial burden for her and ensure Nurca’s continued care.