Meet Midnight ....

MidnightAt five years of age Midnight’s family no longer wanted him! It was reported that the owners were mean to him. They had lost the love they once felt for him. Thank goodness this beautiful boy was rescued and placed with a foster family. For the better part of a week, Midnight would just hide and would not come when called.  He had no appetite. He had been sent to his new home with anxiety medication which did not seem to help.  A few days later, he started having seizures and was taken immediately to an emergency clinic. 

Midnight before surgeryMidnight was stabilized. During his physical exam, a three inch gash was discovered in his side.  This came as a surprise, as he had always been an indoor cat.  (There had been some construction going on in his other home.  Could he have accidentally hurt himself?)  The injury went easily unnoticed all this time because of his long black fur.  And, since he was scared and in pain, he would not allow anyone to pick him up or pet him.  (Click images to open larger versions in new window.)

Midnight's incision after surgeryMidnight was transferred to his own vet the next day where he remained for  surgery the following day.  With antibiotics, his incision is healing well.  Feeling better, he is slowly coming out of his shell with the love and attention his temporary home is giving him.  Midnight is relearning to trust humans again.

Here is London!

LondonLondon is two years old and was relinquished to a rescue group recently, because her owner’s health declined and she could no longer offer the special attention this tiny 4.5 pound fully grown cat requires.

London's deformed pawsLondon is a special needs cat with several genetic problems who is very ill at this time.   She was born with deformed paws; all four extremities are curled inward.  When she walks, she prances to flip them out so that she can walk on her pads.  Heart-wrenching to watch!  Her nails are very brittle, so they have to be paid constant attention so they do not injure her tender pads. 

London's eyeHer right eye is sunken. Surgery cannot be performed because of her liver shunt.  Her nasal cavities are deformed causing her eyes and nose to run all the time. She suffers the consequences of a “kitty virus” to where she cannot open her left eye due to intense pain.  She takes four different medications - an anti-viral, a pain medication, an appetite stimulant and an antibiotic.  The vet suspects that London’s liver shunt is malfunctioning.  Hospitalization, fluid therapy, lab work and a liver ultrasound are all necessary procedures to determine proper medical treatment. 

The rescue organization wants to do everything they can for London, because “her heart is bigger than her health problems.  She struts around and refuses to stop playing and warming your heart.  London never feels sorry for herself...and being a love bug...everyone is inspired by her!”
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Your donation is important!  Your generous participation will help us achieve our goal - to give London quality of life.  Our part is simple.  London is the one facing a battle.   And, since she refuses to give up, neither should we.