Buc & Laela


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 BucBuc is a Shepherd/Collie/Husky mix puppy found on a cold January day by a family who saw him sitting by a roadside creek.  He came willingly to them when called, but was limping.  Upon inspection, they discovered several good sized cuts and scrapes, as well as an injured back leg.  They took him to the nearest animal clinic.   The veterinarian diagnosed him with hip trauma.  Further care was not given, except for pain medication, because the family could not afford further expenses.  

fractureThis family contacted a local rescue organization.  These rescuers took Buc straight away to their vet.  Xrays determined that he had a fractured left hip, probably as a result of being hit by a car.   The actual diagnosis was a femoral neck physeal fracture of the left femur which required a FHO surgery.  The vet extended credit to this rescue and performed the necessary surgery immediately.   Two days post-op, he was discharged from the clinic with a favorable prognosis.  Rest, leash walking and no running for about one month and Buc will be as good as new.


LaelaLaela is a two year old Boxer also with a leg injury.  She was playing with another dog when she fell off the couch and broke her left hind leg.  The injury was so severe that surgery required putting a plate in the leg.  When the family was given an estimate on the cost, they opted to have her euthanized.  (The husband had recently lost his job and money was tight.) 

Laela fractureThe employees at the vet’s office thought she was such a nice dog that they wanted to save her.  They called the same rescue group that had taken in Buc.  They agreed to help Laela, and the family relinquished her to them. 

Buc is a sweetheart and Laela is a great dog.  Both are recovering nicely and should be easily adopted in the near future. 

Those surgical and post-care expenses have been very costly, and are not something this rescue organization can afford.  Until their vet is paid, these outstanding invoices are impairing the group’s ability to pull animals, currently scheduled for lethal injection, into their adoption program.  

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Thank you on behalf of Buc and Laela.