Annabelle's Story

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AnnabelleAnnabelle’s journey began when we received a letter from a rescuer in Alabama concerning a purebred Husky severely neglected by her owner......

“I first met Annabelle at Christmas. She was a Christmas gift for the owner’s daughter. She was a beautiful 6-week old puppy with a set of incredible ice-blue eyes! When I visited with the family a few months later, I noticed the puppy was limping badly. They said an accident occurred and the pup was run over in the driveway - ‘Annabelle didn’t move in time’. I asked if I could take her home to have her checked by my veterinarian, but they refused.

On my next visit, I was shocked at Annabelle’s appearance: she could hardly walk, she was very skinny, her eyes were matted with green discharge, open sores with old scabs on her skin. She was listless. I again begged to let me take her, but I was turned down. On my way home, to my surprise, the owner texted me ‘if you still want that broke-down dog, you can have her for $150.

Annabelle after rescueI drove four hours to pick her up and took her straight to my vet’s office. They gave her a warm bath, the needed medication, vaccinated her, tested her for heart worms and performed a fecal exam. Annabelle was then referred to an orthopedic surgeon who X-rayed her front limbs. Both legs had old fractures. (Click images to enlarge.) She could not put her left front leg down because it had atrophied. Her right front wrist was crooked from breaks which had healed on their own. If she were to ever have a normal life, Annabelle would require surgery.”

At this point, the original rescuer had done everything she could financially to help Annabelle out of this horrible situation. A rescue organization stepped in and took over the pet’s care.

Annabelle after first surgeryAnnabelle had her left front leg amputated on December 21, 2011. She had a rough time recovering, but with the help of her foster, an incredible team of doctors and many prayers, Annabelle moved forward toward healing.

Annabelle's right pawAll of Annabelle’s doctors have agreed that corrective surgery to her right front paw/wrist will give her a much better quality of life and that time is now. It will be will be expensive. It will require pins, screws, and a long road to recovery. The operation will straighten out the wrist and help her walk as normally as a three legged dog can. She now hops like a kangaroo, hence her nickname Roo, and also uses her nose for balance!

Please honor Annabelle’s wonderful, courageous spirit by supporting this rescue group’s effort to raise the $4,000 needed to give Roo the life she should have had from the beginning. Won’t you be part of her recovery by donating generously. We know her future will be so much better than her past. But her story does not end here.

Annabelle today

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She needs your love, prayers and donations to make it to the end of that journey where she will finally be able to turn toward us, and with those beautiful blue eyes full of love and gratitude say:

Thank you for everything......I’m truly home now.

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