Winkey's Story

WinkeyWinkey was born in 2003 and became a beloved resident of a rescue group in 2007.  Look at this boy!  Isnít he a handsome guy!  You will notice that in every photo of him, his eyes are  closed.  Thatís because he was born with a congenital defect called microphthalmia.  This is a defect in early fetal development.  Microphthalmia is a condition in which the eyeball is smaller than normal. Usually, the internal structures of the eyeball are abnormal as well. Winkey is so good at using his senses of smell and hearing to compensate for his poor vision, or lack of, that his caretakers are not fully knowledgable how much of his vision he has lost.

winkeyRecently Winkey developed a polyp in his left naris.  He was taken for a veterinary visit and it was recommended to continue monitoring its growth.  By the end of the month of June, the polyp had grown much larger and was disturbing Winkeyís breathing and affecting his ability to smell.  He refused his treats and turned away from canned cat food. 

Winkey had his surgery one week ago for polyp removal.  The majority of the polyp was removed and sent off for a histopathology report.  The results are still pending. He may need more surgeries.

WinkeyWinkey has been living at the sanctuary for the past 5 years and is hoping to have a family of his very own one day.  He loves his caretakers, but he has to share them with so many other cats!  As cute and cuddly Winkey appears on these photographs, he has the reputation for being a bit testy with the other residents.  So to help him be more amiable with the other cats, he is given a behavior modification medication mixed in his wet food.  Everyone who comes in contact with Winkey says he has a great personality.  He apparently is most affectionate.  He loves to climb into your lap and be petted.   Winkey is just a sweet old boy behind that domineering behavior!

Winkey in the sun
Caring for so many cats is quite costly, and this sanctuary has its share of expenses.  They have a life long commitment with Winkey. 

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Please help them by sending your special gift!  Winkey still has many seasons to look forward to.  Letís help him enjoy the best years of his life!

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