Scrappy's Story

scrappy ScrappyThe severe drought scorching Texas and the Midwest, is not only causing farmers and ranchers economic pain, but horses are paying for it with their lives.  Charred acreage and wild fires have resulted in a critical shortage of grazing pastures across this vast region.  Hay being shipped in from more fortunate parts of the country is being offered for sale, but at sky high prices.  Owners who cannot afford to buy this expensive feed are simply opening their gates to let their horses wander the parched countryside, without food or water.

 This is the story of one such horse who luckily was rescued in the nick of time.  The Sheriff’s Department was called about a horse all alone on a country road.  He had apparently broken out of his pen.  He had the torn end of a pink lead rope hanging from his halter.  The Sheriff contacted a local horse rescue.  When the lady and her daughter arrived, the horse had wandered into the middle of a field of weeds where he had laid down, exhausted.  From about 100 feet away, the two women could see his hips and back bones protruding.  They proceeded to approach him.  He watched them and at about 20 feet, he stood up and faced them.  As they gently spoke to him, he walked toward them with his eyes begging them to take him from this place.  He followed them to the trailer and jumped in willingly.  He must have realized help had just arrived.
Wrap Text around Imagebones visibleBeing severely malnourished and dehydrated, he was promptly given water and fed a special diet.  The multiple sores on his back and hips were immediately medicated.  He was also dewormed.  A farrier was called to treat Scrappy’s malformed hooves.  His teeth will need care as well. 
Named “Scrappy” by his rescuers, he is the fourth horse taken in by this small group in the past three weeks.  They need help from our horse loving friends.  They cannot do this on their own without everyone pitching in.  They need good quality hay, and lots of it, and an easily digested special grain diet that is fed to starving horses, in addition to medical, dental and hoof care.  

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ScrappyTogether, all of us, we can make a difference in this horse’s life and his companions at the rescue facility.  Innocent and alone in the world, Scrappy is a very sweet horse, only five to eight years old and about 15 hands tall.   Let’s all give him a chance!

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