Lincoln's Story

LincolnLincoln is a Plott Hound mix who was brought to a high-kill shelter. A local rescue group saved him on the day he was to be put to sleep. He was immediately taken to a veterinary clinic for medical attention because of a severely injured back leg. Xrays revealed it was old fractures. His left hind limb had sustained such damage that it was thought impossible to save. Sadly, it had to be amputated.

LincolnLincoln gets along well on three legs and is thriving in his foster home. He runs and plays with the other dogs living there and does not realize he is a little different from them. After a good day of play, Lincoln still enjoys cuddling with his foster parents. He is very sweet with children and is most gentle with small dogs.

 Now that he is a mature dog, 18 months old, he has become swaybacked and his remaining back leg has bowed. He was taken to his vet recently who recommended that he should be examined by an orthopedic surgeon. Lincolnís growth plate was damaged because he was merely a puppy at the time of his original injury. His tibia is out of alignment and he will need a steel rod implanted to straighten and strengthen the leg. His post-operative recovery will be about 12 weeks with numerous follow-up visits with the specialist. Lincoln weighs about 70 pounds and the surgery is now mandatory due to the possibility of tearing his ACL which would require even more extensive surgery.

LincolnHe is one of so many innocent and special souls that requires your help to finally lead a quality life in a loving, caring home. All he needs now is your participation in his recovery by sending a monetary gift. Your reward will be knowing you played a role in this life-giving surgery. Together, we can make a difference in Lincolnís life.


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Look at his photo, he is ready for his debut! A new life, a new Lincoln!

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