How We Help Animals

Animals3 Spotlight On Campaign

Spotlight On campaigns last just 30 days before Animals3 takes on the next animal fundraising challenge. You can help these tragic, innocent animals by reading their stories, seeing their pictures and videos and making your donation directly to the veterinarian who delivered the care that saved their lives. More Info

Animals3 Fund for Emergency Medical/Surgical Care

Disbursements from this fund are made directly to veterinary clinics and other care-givers which have provided emergency medical/surgical services to traumatically injured domestic animals whose owners have abandoned them or who are, in the veterinarian’s opinion, unable to pay for emergency, life-threatening care.

Animals3 Fund for Food, Medicine and Medical Supplies

Animals3 will purchase food, medicine and medical supplies in bulk quantities and at discounted prices, whenever possible, and distribute them to under-funded rescue groups for the benefit of animals that are old, sick or victims of traumatic injury and that have been abused, starved and abandoned by their owners.

Animals3 Fund for Spay Neuter Surgeries

No solution for the tragedy of animal over-population is more effective than spay-neuter surgeries. Animals3 will provide funding directly to veterinary clinics that perform spay neuter surgeries to either cover the entire cost, or enough reimbursement to effectively subsidize those costs. Animals3’s goal is to expand spay neuter surgeries to the greatest extent possible.