Jasper's Story


Recently, while playing in a grassy side yard, Jasper decided to explore the chain link fence with great attention, noting every detail.  That’s when he decided he would make a run for it.  In the blink of an eye, he was on the other side of the fence when a sudden, sharp pain to his left hind leg, kept him from enjoying his escapade.  Limping and with a very contrite look, he let himself be carried back to his run for observation.  He sheepishly made his way to his kuranda bed where he spent the rest of the day nursing his leg.

As a couple of days went by, he did not appear to be getting better.  He was taken to the vet for an evaluation.  The results showed that Jasper had torn a cruciate ligament to his left rear leg.  It was decided to take the moderate approach, pain medication, restricted activity and perhaps Jasper’s leg would mend without requiring surgery.  The better part of a month went by and this poor boy was not getting better.  At times it was thought he was putting weight on his limb, but actually he favored it greatly and kept it curled up and tucked close to his body.

JasperJasper had surgery for a cruciate repair.  He stayed overnight at the veterinary clinic and returned to the shelter the following day.  He was kept in a “private suite”.  He was given pain medication which kept him comfortable.  An Elizabethan collar was placed around his neck to keep him from inspecting his incision and tearing up his sutures.  Needless to say he hated this contraption.  His peripheral vision was diminished.  He kept bumping into objects.  Acrobatics were required to find a comfortable position to sleep in.  His recovery demanded eight weeks of exercise restriction.  He could be taken outside only to relieve himself and brought back to his crate.  Jasper did not enjoy his convalescence, but was a model patient.  He was always very eager to have visitors spend time with him and give him the attention he was craving and enjoying.  He is again living a normal life, but favors his hind quarter slightly which is normal at this time in his recovery. 

The shelter where Jasper lives is a no-kill shelter.  As most shelters, when emergencies strike them, they are set back financially.  They simply don’t have the resources to give the care required.  His surgery was costly, but the commitment was to treat him whatever the expense.  Any size contribution to help defray the cost of his operation and post-op care will be appreciated.  You can make it possible through your sponsorship.  Please make your donation to the Spotlight Campaign.  Your support makes a difference.

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Jasper in his new homeMarch 5, 2009

Update on Jasper:

Thank you to everyone who supported Jasper. You will be happy to know that Jasper is doing well and was recently adopted! Read a letter from Jasperís new parent and see pictures of Jasper in his new home at the Animals3 blog.