Mabel's Story

MabelMabel is a dark brindle staffy who was abandoned in a vacant lot close to an apartment complex in late September 2007.  Over the course of several months, she was befriended by people who lived and worked nearby, coming to accept their presence and offers of food.  She struck up a friendship with another female dog and helped protect her and her puppies.  Finally on a very cold day in January she was picked up and spent the night at the VCA clinic in Irving.  Unfortunately, no shelter would accept her and she was transferred to Dallas Animal Control, where she would certainly have been euthanized in 72 hours.  Luckily, the couple who befriended her, Richard and Agata, filed a citizen waiver to retrieve Mabel from Animal Control with the help of a rescue group. 

Over the next four months Mabel was boarded at a kennel in Grapevine.  While waiting for a foster home, she learned to sit, shake, lie down, walk on a leash and take a drive in a car.  She was always very sweet, well-behaved and friendly, perhaps a bit timid.  She was always very eager to learn new things, such as drinking out of a water bottle.  Still no suitable owners were found. 

So finally at the end of May and after well over $1000 of boarding fees and medical care, Richard and Agata decided to move from their city apartment to a suburban house so they could adopt Mabel forever.  She is still timid, but happy at home.  She loves to be petted and played with.  She now has her forever home with a backyard to play in, but also likes to cuddle on the couch and watch movies and sleep inside next to her humans.

MabelRichard and Agata want to thank all the people who went out of their way to help Mabel, especially Michael Gregson of MARS Rescue, Bob Kneip of the Canine Country Inn, John Harper of Paws in the City and Monique Voelker.  It is through the great kindness and generosity of a few people that animals like Mabel may have a second chance at life.  We also hope that with increased awareness public education and enforcement of city ordinances, the thousands of dogs less fortunate than Mabel will also get their chances.

Richard and Agata