Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Animals Abused & Abandoned, Inc. (Animals3) provides funding for emergency medical and surgical care for domesticated animals, regardless of age, who are ill or victims of traumatic injuries and who have been abused, starved and/or abandoned by their owners.

Our Priorities

  • Animals3’s first priority is to fund the cost of traumatic medical and surgical emergencies that are far beyond the financial resources of our program beneficiaries.
  • Animals3’s second priority is to pay the rescuers’ suppliers of food, medicine and other critical operating supplies directly, and at discounted prices.
  • Animals3’s third priority is to pay the rescue groups’ veterinarians for low cost, spay-neuter services.
  • Animals3 searches out these angels of mercy, evaluates and prioritizes their most critical needs, and then, to the best of our ability, provides supplemental funding to meet those needs. 

How We Have Helped Animals


Animals Abused & Abandoned, Inc. is a member of the Center for Nonprofit Management.