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The little one is unable to bear
weight on his left hind leg because the intense pain

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These two horses were part of a rescue of about 20 abused horses in Colorado.  Animals Abused & Abandoned was sought by this rescue group to help pay the farrier as the need for hoof trimming was most urgent.

image of overgrown hooves bella hooves
shanty town

Hoof care is an important part of the daily grooming routine of a horse.  Hooves should be checked daily for signs of bruising, discoloration and infection, and picked to remove manure, dirt and stones.  Horse hooves grow constantly and require trimming about every six weeks.

Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday was not featured in any of our Spotlight Stories, but she is one of many other animals, Animals Abused & Abandoned helped recently. Please watch her very moving video story and remember that because of you, she received the care she needed and is now a healthy, happy kitty!

Help more animals like Ruby Tuesday by making a donation to one of our funds. All funds go directly to animals in need and assure that they receive medical care, medicines, and nourishing foods to help them regain health.

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Dolly, a six-year old pitbull was beaten, burned, and left blind from her injuries. A rescue organization pulled her from a local shelter and nursed her back to health. Read Dolly's story here.

House pets are not the only victims of human neglect and cruelty. So are equines. Nudge is a young tri-colored Paint Horse, who was in the Animals 3 Spotlight in August, 2009. Because of abuse, his growth has been severely stunted and is extremely underweight. Nudge is slowing recovering thanks to his friends and Animals Abused & Abandoned.

 Lady Lady was featured in the summer of 2009 as a Spotlight Story. She overcame the odds when she was rescued from a backyard where she had been kept in deplorable conditions. Now, thanks to the rescue organization and friends of Animals 3, Lady has a new home and a happy life.
 Stripey Stripey's (alias: "Mr. Cool") Catography
Contributed by Animals 3 friend, Barbara, this lovely story tells about the life of Stripey, a very special cat.
  Cinnamon was the co-Spotlight animal in March/April, 2009. Tied outside with an embedded chain in her neck, she survived the odds against her. Read her story.
  Yogi, co-Spotlight animal in March/April 2009, is a sweet Rottweiler who was struck by a car. His injury required emergency car and expensive surgery that his family could not afford. Read his story.

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