Our Place in the Animal Charity World

Our Purpose and Place in the Animal Charity World

Animals Abused & Abandoned, Inc. (Animals3) is dedicated to relieving the suffering of helpless, abused and abandoned animals.  We are trying to redress the mindless cruelties that human beings inflict upon dogs, cats and horses, everywhere.  We hope to help transform precious lives in crisis into beautiful lives with hope.

To accomplish these goals, we must first recognize that the need for animal rescue services in America is so immense that it cannot be met by a few national organizations, no matter how large or well-funded they might be.  These institutions do wonderful work, but the quantity of services they are able to provide is simply overwhelmed by our animal population’s desperate need for those services.  In point of fact, the majority of animal rescues, medical care and adoption services in this country are provided by thousands of small, unknown and under-funded local rescue and sanctuary groups.

Animals3 was conceived by Monique Voelker as a unique and critical source of financial support for no-kill, animal rescue and sanctuary organizations that operate so valiantly below the philanthropic world’s radar.  Instead of choosing to launch yet another animal rescue or sanctuary facility, Monique dedicated Animals3 to being a financial resource for those thousands of struggling rescuers and sanctuary operators already in existence.  Monique designed Animals Abused & Abandoned, Inc. to be an aggregator of charitable donations that can be used to support the selfless and unpaid volunteers who provide direct and desperately needed care to abused and abandoned animals in their local communities.

These local rescuers work themselves, and their tireless bands of volunteers, to the point of exhaustion caring for innocent animals with little or no hope for a decent life.  Most of them have neither the time, nor the expertise to do their own fundraising to any degree of scale or success and, as a result, are chronically short of the money they need to continue doing this vitally humane work.  Animals3’s response is to gather financial support, on the internet and from philanthropic donors, to provide supplemental funding for these unrecognized and overlooked animal care-givers.