Spotlight Animal Updates

Spotlight Updates
January 2017


We had two updates on Baby in December and January:

BabyDecember 27, 2016

This very special girl is Baby! Baby came to us just before Thanksgiving in dire need of help. She was attacked by another dog and needed urgent surgery to have both of her eyes removed. An amazing group called Animals Abused & Abandoned stepped in to save the day! They funded Baby's surgery, making it possible for her to go on to lead a normal life. And boy is she! In just a month, she has made HUGE strides! She is a brave little gal that doesn't let losing her sight slow her down. She has already learned to use the doggy door and made friends with the other dogs in her foster home. She is so spunky that she even tries to play with the cat! She is very good at navigating new places and doesn't hesitate to socialize with new people. She has so much love to give and now she just needs a family of her own!

January 15, 2016

Hi Monique! 

Baby has found her forever home!!  She is doing great and always wants to be in the middle of things. The family wasn't looking to add another dog but saw her and her story and fell in love.

Read Baby's story in Baby and Her Test of Fortitude and give generously to help other animals like Baby!

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November 2016


Charlik on arrival (left) and three months later (right)
With your help, your donations (Behind All that Glitter August 2016) for healthy food have changed CharliK’s life.  Ensuring veterinary care, farrier care, healthy food such as Total Equine and wheat hay, fresh water and lots of love from her rescuers, miracles have happened.  Take a look for yourselves.  Compare the photos of CharliK on arrival and here she is a three months later.  She looks wonderful doesn’t she since she gained several hundred pounds!

She still needs special attention to her hooves which require daily pain medication and antibiotics.  It will still take months for these accesses to heal.  But for now, she is learning to trust and love her caretakers.  It is said that she is super sweet and one of the things she enjoys a lot, is rolling in the hay.  See CharliK, there are good people to love you after abusive years on the race track.


Shiloh went to his new home the beginning of October.  (See his story Eight Horses April 2016.)   He will have a great life with these young ladies and share his life with another horse, his new friends.


Nova was from a kill lot heavily pregnant.  (Read her story Nova & Celestial July 2015.)   She gave birth to King SoRight.  He has since been adopted.  Nova is now rideable and is a barrel horse and has a great life with her new family.


Please remember that your sponsorship played a major role in getting these animals healthy and who can now enjoy a life they never experienced before their rescue.

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Butter Bean
Butter Bean
August 2016

Butter Bean
Butter Bean

Butter Bean was featured as a five-week old puppy in our story The Life of a Rescuer, September 2015.

We are happy to report that Butter Bean was recently adopted into a forever home!

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Help small rescue organizations continue to help animals like Butter Bean!


Shiloh pre-op
Shiloh pre-op

Shiloh was featured in June 2016 in the story Sprinkled by Fairy Dust.

Already at the first bandage change post-op, it was noted that the leg was not healing properly.  As time went by it became evident that something was definitely wrong.  Due to a lot of damage to her tendons and nerves her leg began to atrophy and Shiloh was unable to use her leg normally.  Her paw curled under which made her unable walk on her pad, but walk on the side of her foot.   Physical therapy exercises were Shiloh’s last hope to retain her leg.  But that failed as well.  Shiloh began to chew on her leg because of an infection and shaking her paw due to pain.  One morning her paw was swollen.  Her leg was X-rayed.  The results were disappointing.   The damage to her leg was too severe.   Amputation was the only option left.

The results of her pre-op blood work indicated that Shiloh was anemic.  Iron was added to her diet which further delayed her operation by ten days.  All the while she was on pain medication.  Her blood count finally returned to normal.  She was ready to have surgery the following day.

Shiloh post-opShiloh recovered
Shilo post-op and recovered

The operation went very well.  But during recovery, Shiloh somehow managed to remove her compression bandage and began bleeding profusely.  The veterinary staff was immediately available to address the situation, but Shiloh still lost a lot of blood.  In order to save her life, she required a blood transfusion.  Actually, she required two transfusions.

Shiloh has recuperated very nicely with close supervision from her care taker.  Soon after the procedure, her foster mom could tell she was feeling so much better.  She was talkative, very social, climbing on the sofa, the bed, etc… 

Looking at Shiloh, one would never know she only has three legs.  She gets into everything as any kitten her age does.   Her scar is completely healed.  She lives a pain free life and does not waste a minute enjoying every bit of it.  She is now ready for adoption.

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We have several updates from previous spotlight animals and others that your donations have helped!

June 2016

May MayMay May
May May

Shiloh, Anaya, Layla, and Jackie
From May May's adoptive mom:

May and I have been together almost 5 years.. we have been invited to the local elementary school for two years in a row to teach the children about special needs.  The children have raised funds, gathered blankets and special needs food.  Some of the kids even made commercials on PowerPoint!!! to inform about spaying and neutering.

May May continues to be happy and healthy and of course the light of my life!

ShilohAnayaJackie and Layla
Left to right: Shiloh, Anaya (recently adopted), and Layla with mom Jackie*

*The rescue is looking for a foster home for Jackie and Layla. Please contact 214-601-2345
if interested.
Shiloh is also doing well with his halter breaking. He is gelded. Adoption fee $400.

Leroy and Tuff

Tuff and Leroy
Above: Tuff when rescued in 2015 and Leroy during his first few days at the rescue in 2012.

Left: Tuff and Leroy today - a rags to riches story!

Lastly, from our Eight Horses story in April 2016, a few pictures of contentment!  A few of the group of eight munching on a bale of hay purchased by donations.

two horses eatinghorse eatinghorse eating


January 2016


This is Midori's (December 2014) second Christmas with her family. She and her young friend are inseparable. Had it not been for this fateful day, when found in an unfrequented part of the Design District, Midori's future was  precarious.  She went to a rescue and was fostered until adopted.  Another happy statistic!

Here is handsome Ripley (December 2015) in his new home.  Love that cute face!

Thank you all good hearted people who helped pay for his leg surgery!  

These pictures explain what rescue is about.  Ripley at his young age already had had rough experiences.  Had it not been for the person who took him off the streets, Ripley would have had a short life with a cruel ending.  But instead, he has a person to call his own and a "real bed" to sleep on.

Have a great life Ripley!  You deserve it.

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January 2016

Kingsright and Hershey
Kingsright with Hershey Bar at their new home

Kingsright and Hershey Bar
Just before joining their new family

Kingsright was featured in July 2015. Kingsright and Hershey Bar will have the best of everything at their new home! Thank you for making this adoption possible! Nova remains in foster care! The abuse done to her was so severe, it will take many more months for her to give anyone her trust.


December 2015
Tuff at the time of rescue

Tuff recovered
Tuff 73 days after rescue

Tuff was featured in October 2015. This is a snapshot of his dramatic recovery! Tuff has done very well! He was adopted just before Christmas.  His new home is a ranch with a couple hundred acres and 25 other horses.

Tuff trotting with his new friends.

Posted by Amy Reilly on Saturday, December 19, 2015

December 2015

Butterbean was featured in August 2015. He is growing and becoming most handsome!

Butterbean making a Christmas wish
The wonders of Christmas. 
Butterbean making a wish.

Still hoping for a family to call my
own.  Maybe Santa will grant me my
wish! Look at that pretty face!

KingsrightNova, Celestial, and Kingsright (pictured above)
November 2015

Celestial, Nova, and Kingsright were featured in the July 2015 Spotlight Story.

Celestial has been adopted by a great couple and lives down the street! They are training her to halter lead and for riding.
Celestial CelestialCelestial

Nova will be staying with us for a long while until she is trained for riding. We have had a trust problem with Nova but she is coming to us for treats!

Nova and KingsrightKingsrightKingright with child

Kingsright will be adopted by a great couple who are working with him several times weekly. He will remain with his mother for several more months. All are being worked on a loving, consistent basis. They are having their hooves trimmed, given great food, fresh water and lots of love daily!

Mason (pictured above in May 2015)
September 2015

Mason was featured in May 2015 Spotlight Story. This is Mason now who went from gimpy to this!! What a difference!


March 2015

ClareIn May 2010, we featured Clare's Diary in the Animals Abused & Abandoned Spotlight. Clare had been abandoned and was found near death from starvation. A strong little dog with a will to live, Clare recovered and, having bonded with her foster mom, was adopted. We learned this week that Clare passed away peacefully on March 3, 2015, nearly five years after her ordeal and rescue.

Here's what her adopted Mom said about Clare and the generosity of those who helped through Animals Abused & Abandoned:

Clare 2014"Just wanted to let you know that precious little Clare Devereaux crossed the Rainbow Bridge Tuesday. She was a unique and special girl. She had five happy years with me and I was blessed by her presence every day. She was feisty and funny and is sorely missed.

Thank you for your care and concern for Clare and the others like her who have suffered so much. Know that what you do has made happy endings possible and given these little ones health and happiness. Here is my favorite picture, taken a little over a year ago. You can see she had aged, but was still ready for her close-up.  She was a darling girl and the definition of the word “survivor.”

Thank you for making a difference for Clare and many other animals!

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December 2014

Midori was found wandering the streets of Dallas one morning. Though not featured as a spotlight story, Animals Abused & Abandoned featured her adoption video. We are pleased to report Midori, now Dori, has been adopted and has a loving family!

Dori with family on Christmas

Cooper and Santa
December 2014

Cooper has a HOME! He also has his own FB page "Super Cooper - The dog with 9 lives."

Cooper leaving the animal hospital with his new family
Cooper relaxing
Cooper relaxing
Cooper and Sammy
Cooper with new brother Sammy

Read Cooper's story here.

September 2014

Ayoba had a femoral head ostectory (FHO), a surgical procedure that removes the head and neck from the femur.  FHO surgery is performed to alleviate pain due to trauma where the head of the femur is badly broken or severed.  He remained at the clinic for a couple of days after his surgery, then went home with his foster mother to receive his after care.

Ayoba before surgerysurgeryAyoba resting

Little Ayoba was up and about 48 hours later favoring his right hind leg though.  Beside the pain and not having used his leg for several months, he  also lacks the confidence to use his affected limb.  His foster mom has been giving him physical therapy.  Gradually he has made progress to the point that he now  places weight on his leg while walking.  He cheats now and again, carries his hind leg, when he runs. 

Ayoba and friendHis care taker has gotten so attached to him that she plans on adopting him.  So our little street mutt now has a family which includes an older furry brother.  His foster mom is most thankful to all our donors who gave Ayoba a chance at a happy life.  A well deserved new life! 

Read Ayoba's story here.

September 2014

Update on Cooper

Part of Cooper’s pre-surgery treatment included IV fluids, antibiotics, pain relievers and being fed small portions of food several times a day by hand.  Dead tissue on his wounds was removed and as soon as his vet saw a healthy tissue bed, Cooper was deemed ready for skin grafts.  His lab work had returned to normal values.  He had more Xrays taken and on that same day, he was prepped for skin graft surgery.

  Cooper being fed small amounts of food Cooper with IV

Cooper came out of surgery with a brace on his right leg which he did not like.  Because of his poor appetite, he was fed by hand and with one whimper he had someone running to his side.  His doctor even sent someone to pick up some chicken just for Cooper.  This sweet dog had made his way into everyone’s heart at the clinic.

Cooper with brace Cooper being hand fedLeft leg

Unfortunately Cooper required another skin flap to cover an area that had difficulty healing.  Eventually his feet and legs healed, no more exposed tendons or bones, just good skin and even fur!  He could at last place weight on three legs.  Cooper was unable to bend his fourth leg because he is missing his patella.  When standing, his leg would stick straight out behind him.   The best option was another surgery.

CooperCooper was driven by his vet to meet with a specialist in another city in Carolina.   They discussed two possible options which would help with the mobility of his right rear leg.  While taking a wait and see approach, Cooper was given light physical therapy.   Gradually he was able to lower his hind leg while standing and put some weight on it.  He was also regaining some good muscle tone.  If Cooper were to recover his range of motion in that leg, his surgery would not be required.

At the last update, Cooper’s legs have healed well.  His gait is a bit different since he is missing some digits on both rear paws.  But the best news is there will be no need for further surgery.  He is making tremendous progress.  He will continue having some therapy for that right hind leg.  Cooper cannot wait until his legs and feet are completely healed so that he can run again.

Cooper playing

Cooper sends his appreciation and love to all those who helped him through this ordeal.


Read Cooper's story here.

saddle on fence
Rescued Horse
June 2014

adoption flyer
Adoption Flyer
June 2014

This update is from Monique Voelker, founder of Animals Abused & Abandoned:

We recently went to a fund raiser for one of the horse rescues Animals Abused & Abanonded sponsored this winter by providing them with hay and special feed for horses so debilitated they could only eat small portions of food that was easily digested.  These horses have 90 acres where they are nursed back to good health, trained to use a saddle and wait to be adopted. I was so impressed with the quality of care these rescues are given, beautiful grounds so well kept.  Again if it were not for so many horse lovers who help finance this rescue organization, many of these gorgeous creatures would not have a chance at a better life. I think our donors should be proud of the help they provided this horse rescue group.

Below are some pictures Monique took at this visit. (Click thumbnail images to see full size in new window.)

horsessaddle on fence
horses in pasturehorse eating
two horsesadoption flyer


March 2014

Chloe was recently adopted! She is now known as Khloe Kadorxian and has her own Facebook page!

Chloe Chloe

Here are a few updates on Chloe, our Spotlight Story from August 2013:

Update  8-18-13

She is doing well~! She keeps putting a bit too much weight on her leg for my taste, but is very sweet and wants to be with humans and the other animals.

First post-op visit   8-23-13

It was great news!  The vet said her leg looked great!  He also said she looked so much better and healthy, shiny coat... like a whole different dog.  I was told to keep up the good work.

She was also put on Doxycycline for the heartworms, will start HW prevention in two weeks at our second check up where we will X-ray the leg and see how we are doing. I asked about X-ray this time and he said there won't be enough to tell anything yet.

So…we will keep chugging along!


Second post-op visit  9-9-13 

Chloe's x-rayShe is doing great! She hasn't healed completely..she still needs to lay off her leg for a few more weeks, and I am going back again in one month. Otherwise, she's maintaining her stinking cute status around here, and wants to play so badly. Here's her updated X-ray. Its hard to see, but you can tell the faint line above the screw isn't complete.

Update  9-21-13

Attached are some photos of Chloe.  She likes to sunbathe and wouldn't  cooperate for the photo shot.

She went to meet a potential adopter today. It didn't go so well….she attacked their dog! I think she was just uncomfortable, and I think that if she sticks around long enough she will be fine with anyone (since she's fine with my dogs, and even tries to cuddle with all of them) but it wasn't a good first impression. She's such a doxie.

Chloe  Chloe


We are happy to report that Adele has been adopted! She is now named Fancy and her adopted mom reports she LOVES to sleep. The pictures in the slideshow say it all. Adele/Fancy is one happy dog!

Read Adele's story, featured in March, and see how much progress she has made thanks to the rescue organization and donations made to Animals Abused & Abandoned.

July 14, 2013

Missy was featured as a Spotlight Story animal in December, 2012 when she needed surgery for nodules that had appeared on her head. Missy is fine now and the best news is that she has been adopted. Missy's new mother made a wonderful video about Missy's journey. While Missy was a handful, she has become a grateful and loving dog, and her new mom says she may be her proudest adoption. Missy has found her forever home now!

Click here to read Missy's story as presented in December 2012.

June 19, 2013

Update on Patrick:

"Just went to the veterinarian this Friday for bandage change.  The doctor is very pleased.  Have appointment next Friday to remove stitches. Patrick is confined to small crate, out only to do his business and walk for 5 minutes.  He wears an E collar to prevent chewing with his bandage. I  have him out in my arms or in my chair with me when possible.  He does sleep with me, doesn't move much, except to wake me for trips outside. Really a good little guy."

Patrick's paw PatrickPatrick Patrick

Read Patrick's story here.

May 12, 2013

"Spartacus is doing great! I take him with me on the weekends when I go out town. He is so well behaved and loves going wherever I take him. He's become a traveling man! He and our original Bengal have become friends now. They run through the house at full speed! We  love him!"

We couldn't have asked for a better home for him. They love his high energy, think it's funny he shreds toilet paper and paper towels, and love that he has some cattitude.


Read Spartacus's story here.

April 19, 2013

Adele has recovered very well from her surgery. At her first post-op clinic appointment, it was decided her ear was healing so well, that Adele would not require an ear ablation, as it was first thought.  She was given a light anesthesia to help with the pain from having her facial sutures cleaned and the drain tube from her chest removed.  At her second appointment, the sutures were removed from her chest and her face and the second penrose drain was also pulled out.  The only memorabilia from this fight, is a hole in her right ear.

Adele expresses her gratitude to everyone who helped her recover from a horrible ordeal and make it possible for her to smile at her good fortune.  She is waiting for her future family to fall in love with her and bring her home.  If you are looking for a great companion, please contact Animals Abused & Abandoned.

Adele Adele

Read Adele's story here.

Spotlight Animals 2012 - Animals Abused & Abandoned

In its four years of existence, and as a result of the generosity of many donors, Animals Abused & Abandoned has paid out $57,943.36 directly to food suppliers and veterinarians on behalf of 37 rescue groups in 7 states.This slideshow provides updates on just a few of the animals Animals Abused & Abandoned was able to help during 2012. These are the Spotlight Stories.

Click arrow to play video.

January 2013

Lincoln and Tod
Thank you to all of you who contributed to Lincoln's surgery and recovery and have made this most wonderful outcome possible.

He went back Wednesday for his final checkup.  His doctor said he was completely healed and used  the words "fantastic" and "awesome" to describe his thoughts about Lincoln's healing.

Then, later in January:

Yay! Yay! Lincoln has been adopted. Pictured right is Lincoln with his new owner Tod.

December 29, 2012

Lincoln required further surgery to amputate his injured leg. Although his leg could not be saved, Lincoln is doing very well! He is getting used to having three legs. His back leg is much straighter now and able to support him.  If he had not had the surgery, it would have continued to "bow out" and cause significant problems in that leg.


Read Lincoln's story here.

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October 16, 2012

I wanted to give you an update on Lincoln.  He had a follow-up visit  with the surgeon yesterday and had more xrays done.  They removed the external brace and pins.  They said he is making satisfactory progress but has not healed completely.  The surgeon wants Lincoln's activity to continue to be restricted for another 8 weeks.  He is able to put weight on the leg and get around, but they still don't want him jumping on anything.
Just wanted to keep you updated since you were such a big part in ensuring he was able to have this very important surgery.

October 1, 2012
I have attached some pictures of the xrays, the sling that has to be used every time he gets up to walk, and a picture of him right after his foster mom got him home and settled.  I also included his "before" picture so you can compare that to the xray that shows how straight his leg is now.  Dr. Bertrand did a great job!

X-ray prior to surgery
X-ray prior to surgery
Lincoln x-ray after surgery - pins in leg
X--ray with pins in leg after surgery
Lincoln with sling
Lincoln sleeping
Lincoln sleeping

 He doesn't have a cast.  He has an exoskeleton on the inside of his leg.  He will go back in two weeks to get the staples out and have the doctor check his progress.

Then, two weeks later - Lincoln is doing much better now and is able to walk a little.  His foster parents don't have to use the sling anymore to help him walk.  He can do some limited walking on his own. 
Annabelle January 8, 2013

Annabelle/Roo is doing great!  She's doing rehab now on the leg and is coming along fine.
Yes!  She has been adopted by a wonderful family who live in rural Georgia and have a home and room for her to enjoy outdoors.  They totally adore her and are seeing her the rest of the way on her journey toward complete healing.  Since there was such extensive surgery and work done on her leg and it does come with the possibility of her rebreaking it within a year of the surgery, they are taking very good care to see she doesn't stress it out unnecessarily and are getting her to and through her rehab which will continue for awhile.  But she is loved, adored, and finally HOME!
Thank you so much for your help in making Roo's dreams come true, and for your love and care about her recovery and journey.

October 5, 2012

Annabelle is doing great.  We had her back to see Dr. Noone this past Monday.  The fixator is still in place and will be for at least another 2 weeks.  On our next appointment he will do another set of x-rays to determine if it might be able to come off.  Her weight bearing is very limited per doctor's orders and there will not be any therapy until that fixator comes off.  If appears that we are probably in for another month or 2 before she can do any serious rehab.
Dr, Noone is very pleased with her progress.  She has been a real trooper through all of this as you can imagine.  She is such a sweet little girl and even though her care is challenging, we are so happy to have her.  Please express our thanks to the Texas group for all they have done to help our little girl.  We are so appreciative.

Read Annabelle's story here.

August 3, 2012
"... I wanted to give you an update and outcome for dear Annabelle who had her surgery yesterday afternoon.
Roo with fixator She came out of surgery around 6 pm yesterday evening.  She is doing well so far.  The doc said surgery went well, but was even more complicated than the x-rays showed, so it just confirmed for the surgeon how much the surgery truly needed to be done.  They took some extra measures to "straighten" the wrist and she'll be going home with what is called a fixator.  Basically it's a bicycle wheel type thing around the outside of her wrist to help keep it straight.  She goes back to have that removed in a few weeks.
Close up of fixator If she's still doing well this morning, she can be discharged this afternoon and sent home to rest and recuperate.  I think after we hear she's home and resting we'll all breathe an even larger sigh of relief!   It seems like a lot to spend on one dog, but I promise you she is worth it!  Her spirit is amazing after all of the abuse she's been through.
Thank you, and also your wonderful foundation, for the financial help and the support for this wonderful girl! We'll give you progress reports as we get them, and when she's able to stand straight on that repaired leg, we will send you pictures so you can update your followers and supporters.
August 6

"... She's doing well.  She was able to go home on Friday afternoon.  She's due back to the vet surgeon's office on Friday for a checkup.  So far, so good...paws crossed for a quick recovery.  Our girl is a true champ at getting through these surgeries!"

August 9

Anna"... Roo went back for her 1st checkup today and she's doing great!  Here's the report I got from her former foster Mom, who goes with her each time she goes to the surgeon's office:
We took Annabelle/Roo for her follow up with the surgeon, today.  He did such an amazing job!  Worth every expensive penny to have this done properly.  Her spirits are great & she is recovering wonderfully.  The photos definitely make her look pathetic, but she is a real trooper.  She goes back next week for another visit. I'm attaching the first 3 photos she sent me, and there are a couple more she's sending me tomorrow.  Thanks for keeping this girl in your thoughts, and for helping us raise the large amount needed for her surgery!  We'll continue to keep you updated as she finishes her journey."

December 18, 2012

Callie is doing just fine. We moved another mini mare about her age into their paddock. They all get along great. Knee Hi has the fluffiest winter coat I think I've ever seen! We will be weaning him soon followed by his castration. When all that is done, there is a family who plans on adopting both him and Callie!

Callie and Knee-HiKnee Hi

Read Callie's story here.


July 17, 2012

Update on Winkey:

"We did receive the pathology report and the results are that the polyp was benign - apparently there was just a sudden burst of growth in the epithelial cells which resulted in the growth. We're not certain if this was a one time thing or what even caused it.  Very strange, but Winkey is back taking his medication and smelling again!"

Read Winkey's story here.


July 17, 2012

Update on Annabelle:

"Dr. Filer's office has scheduled her for her final set of x-rays before surgery on Monday, July 23, 2012.  If nothing significant has changed and she's still in good physical shape, they will go ahead and schedule her surgery on the right leg. 
Thank you once again for all that you did in helping us to raise the significant amount of funds necessary and we so appreciate it, and ask that you and your supporters keep Annabelle Roo in your thoughts and prayers as her surgery approaches.  It will be an important and hopefully, final milestone on her arduous journey home to complete health and a happy forever life!"

Read Annabelle's story here.

GeorgiaGeorgia was featured as a spotlight animal in September, 2010. Found as a stray with a wounded leg, one good samaritan was willing to get her help while others passed by ignoring the animal. Georgia was rescued and eventually adopted.

Here is a picture of Georgia with the Easter Bunny this spring! Your donations help animals like Georgia receive the medical care they need and allow the small rescue groups that help them to continue their work.

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May 15, 2012

We have wonderful updates on two of our spotlight animals, Buc and Laela, who were featured together in a spotlight story in March-April 2012. Below are pictures of both Buc and Laela happy, healthy, and in new homes!

Buc and family

Read Buc and Laela's stories here.

Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday
April 18, 2012

R2Ruby Tuesday was not featured as a Spotlight Animal, but she is one of many other animals your donations have helped. Below is an update sent by the rescue organization:

I have wonderful news, Ruby was adopted this Saturday. A nice family with another shy Bengal took her. She has a very doting daddy who actually got up in the wee hours of the morning to sit with her through the recent storms. He didn't want her to be afraid in her new home. Her new Bengal friend is a male named R2 (after R2D2 of Star Wars fame). I am attaching a shot of him showing his lovely spots

To read Ruby's story, follow this link.

April 12, 2012

Midnight and London were featured in February 2012. We are happy to tell you that Midnight was adopted by his foster mother.  She reports he is a very loving companion.
London stretching
Midnight relaxing
Midnight just relaxing

London has also been adopted.  She is regaining her health. She now eats on her own.  She will always require eye medication from her viral infection. She likes soft spots to lie on because of her paws which will always curl under her.  But that does not deter London from jumping on sofas and beds.


March 25, 2012

Nurca was our January 2012 Spotlight Animal. We are pleased to report that she has recovered completely from her amputation.  She so wants to run!  Last week she jumped off the sofa, and fell.  She had an astonished look on her face.  She still forgets she only has three legs now. She has been spayed and is scheduled this week for heartworm treatment.  In another month she should be ready for adoption. Her foster mother reports that Nurca is a very sweet and affectionate dog.  She will be someone's wonderful addition to their family.


Buddy in December 2011

January 30, 2012

Buddy, Hailey, Harley and Lucy Loo were featured in the December 2011 Spotlight story "Holiday Pup-pourri."We received an update on each one below:

Buddy in January 2012
Buddy and sister
Buddy in his new home with his new sister

Buddy went into a foster home and remained there throughout his heartworm treatment and a little longer.  The foster dad was in love with him and said that he hated to let Buddy go.  But let go he did.  Buddy is now in a wonderful home with a four-legged sister and a new Mommy.

Hailey Hailey finally found that lovely family in New England.  Last update everything was going well and she was a perfect addition to the family.
Harley Harley was fostered by what is now his forever home.  Success!
Lucy Loo Lucy Loo spent a few days at the vet before going to her foster home which was a couple that care only for handicapped fosters.  Of course, as everyone at the vet did, they fell in love with her and ended up adopting her.

Asa in May 2011
December 27, 2011

Asa was featured in the May 2011 Spotlight story. She was found wandering the countryside in west Texas, very close to dying from starvation. Look at the difference! In just a few months Asa has come so far!

Asa in December 2011
Asa at her new home, December 2011

December 13, 2011

Gracie was the October 2011 Spotlight story. The rescue organization reports that she "is doing wonderful and is now ready for her new home." See the before and after pictures below!

Gracie before
Gracie in October 2011
Gracie after
Gracie in December 2011

December 6, 2011

May was featured in the August 2011 Spotlight story. Her caretaker reports that May is doing very well and sent these pictures!

May with toyMay and friend

August  15, 2011

Uriah was featured as the July 2011 Spotlight story.

This update just arrived from Uriah's caretaker:

We had a small rain last  night .  A crisis emergency is going on ---no hay was grown in Texas - a real crisis!!! We always need hay and are so thankful to yall for your help.  People are abandoning horses in record numbers.  We are limited as to how many horses we can take in and if we have food for them.

Uriah and pasture-mate on very dry land
Uriah is doing great.  It was 800.00 dollars to remove his eye, surrounding muscle and geld him.  He just recently went to a new home and is adored.  Scarlett and Kickapoo are doing wonderful too.  Kickapoo needed surgery to her bone below her eye to remove bone fragments from a crushing injury her previous owners did to her.  Her pasturemate died from starvation.  Both Kickapoo and Scarlett are gaining weight and muscle everyday.

We are going to plant our winter wheat crop again and pray.  We did not even have grassburr stickers this year.  Our land is like talcum powder.  Things just have to get better.  Blessings and thank you for everything you have done for us.


NoteScarlett, who was mentioned in this update, was also featured in the March, 2011 Spotlight Story. The picture below shows her amazing progress!

Scarlett in March, 2011
Scarlett in March, 2011
Scarlett in August, 2011

Your donation will go directly to Scarlett's and Uriah's ongoing medical care.



July 16, 2011

Thank you to everyone who wrote, inquiring about Bear, our July, 2011 Spotlight Story.

Because Bear had grown so much since his original workup, the cardiologist ran additional tests.  The pressure on his heart had doubled since his first visits; therefore, his surgery became an emergency situation.  Bear had his heart operation on June 23rd. 

It is the left side of his heart that is damaged.  The valve on that side of the heart is not functioning correctly and is narrower than had been anticipated.  A balloon was used to widen the passage. The surgery lasted slightly longer than four hours and it had become too risky to continue.   Though not completely successful, this surgery has lengthened Bear’s life and has helped him live more comfortably.  The pressure on his heart prior to this intervention was 240, now it runs between 140 to 150.  Normal is below 80.  Bear has an appointment in August for a second evaluation.  Most probably he will require another balloon valvuloplasty using a larger balloon to widen the valve opening.

He is home now. He has to remain calm.  If he does run and tries to play too much, as puppies do, he gets very winded.  He takes a cardiac medication daily.  Without this surgery, Bear was not expected to live to be a year old.  His foster mother says “he is a wonderful puppy with a beautiful disposition.  He is friendly with everyone he comes in contact with.  The persons who discarded him on a country road  to fend for himself with his broken leg, don’t know what they missed.  He is incredible.  He is a good dog and deserves more than life has handed him so far.” 

We will post another update after his veterinary visit in August.  In the meantime, let’s hope for the best and pray for Bear’s complete recovery.

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June 5, 2011

Bently, featured in April 2011, is healing from surgery to repair his broken leg. He is currently being fostered by a couple that has another cocker and who will likely adopt him.

Bently Bently

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November 9, 2010


Chicha had her surgery, thanks to generous donors. Her fracture was reduced and stabilized with six screws and a plate. A bone graft was packed around the fracture site to increase and strengthen the healing. She came out of the operating suite with a beautiful bright pink splint. Chicha is recovering very well from her surgery, but the best news is that she has already been adopted to a wonderful couple. The updates from her family are all positive and upbeat. Coco, her new name, is definitely a little sister to Sable and Rocksie.

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September 11, 2010

The news on Georgia is good! She will not require surgery. Because of your wonderful donations, she received good medical care.There was a period where it could have been touch and go. Her cast had gotten wet and had started to chip. Georgia developed a bacterial infection to her wound. The fear was that it might spread to the fractured bone which could have meant that her leg would have been amputated. She was given antibiotics. She returned to the veterinary clinic several times to have her wound cleaned and given a new cast at each visit. You can see from the photos, she is wearing a less cumbersome cast and is more comfortable sitting down. The e-collar has since been removed.

She will be spayed soon, as she has been in heat the past two weeks. She will very soon be ready for adoption. I am told she is a very gentle dog and very friendly. If anyone is looking for a new family member, Georgia is waiting for you.

Please contact Animals Abused and Abandoned if interested in providing her with a home and be sure to read Georgia's full story here.


June 15, 2010

Riley had surgery and has been treated for her heartworm illness, too. She is recuperating in her foster home and continuing daily therapy for her leg. She has six to eight weeks more recovery time from her surgery. Unfortunately, the latest email from her foster mom indicated that an x-ray shows Riley has a fissure on the crest of her right tibia. She will have to be crated for the next few weeks. Hopefully with proper rest, she can avoid another surgery.

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  May 5, 2011

  Updated photo of Riley, now Buella, with her family!



August 28, 2010

Payton was found seriously injured after a fight with a dog. In the months that have followed, Payton has completely healed from his injuries and has found a new home. He and his buddy Elliot spend their days playing together, and the rescue organization that saved Payton continues to provide much needed services to animals in need.

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June 17, 2010

Clare has continued to recover from her ordeal. Although we were lucky to have a number of great applicants, Clare and her foster mom decided that the bond forged between them during her recovery should not be broken and she was adopted on June 12, 2010. The other dogs there all have a middle name, so a little ceremony was held and Clare was given the middle name Devereaux in honor of Rue McClanahan's character on Golden Girls. The whole family look forward to continuing to give little golden girl Clare the kind of life she deserved all along.

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Chester after a snack


March 10, 2010

Chester came through his surgery with flying colors and has recuperated quickly! Another bit of good news ... Chester joined his new family this past weekend where he will live his life as an indoor cat. He made himself right at home immediately and conquered the stairs without hesitation. Chester thanks his friends and Animals Abused & Abandoned who made it possible for him to have a second chance at life!

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November 20, 2009

Edwina's foster mom reports that Edwina's wound has finally healed up completely! She's still recovering from ringworm so they haven't actively been soliciting a forever home for her yet. Her family says she is quite the comic!

Edwina was featured in a Spotlight Story in 2009. Read her story here.



November 17, 2009 - Nudge

I am certain some of you are anxious to hear how Nudge is doing since he joined the equine sanctuary.

For the past few months, the only thing Nudge has done is eat and eat some more. When we visited him the last part of September, he focused his attention on the hay he was eating. Nothing could distract him. He burrowed his face deep down into the bale, selecting just the right amount of hay and with deep satisfaction written in his eyes he proceeded to munch on dry blades of grass. He would again go through this ritual several more times. This leisurely breakfast went on during our entire visit.

With bones protruding from being so underweight upon arrival at the sanctuary, he has gained over 200 lbs which tips the scale well over 600 pounds. Fully grown he should weigh approximately 1000 lbs. He looks absolutely wonderful. It is amazing what a little food can do! He has grown taller, his skeletal frame has filled out, his dull coat is now shiny. He obviously feels much better, has more energy, because he has been observed running and playing with several of his friends. One can see he has been given a lot of nurturing at the sanctuary as he now enjoys human interaction.

Nudge had his umbilical surgery in October. He was gelded at the same time. He remained at the veterinary clinic for an extra couple of days for observation. This visit to the vet cost approximately $800.

Nudge has become available for adoption. If anyone is interested in providing him a home and a promise to love him, please contact us.

PS: Have just learned a new filly arrived at the sanctuary and Nudge is in love with her! They are side by side at all times. Would it not be nice for both to be adopted together.

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August 31, 2009 - Bailey

In this past year Bailey began to develop severe hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. The vets all said that surgery was not an option because of her physical state and the lack of physical strength to support her for physical therapy.

"Last month Bailey became physically incapable of being able to get around and have a happy and enjoyable life. We tried alot of options but to no avail she got to the point where she could not get up to relieve herself and we had to make a very hard decision. We let Bailey go to the rainbow bridge where she can run and play and frolic as much as her heart desires. I held her until she slept and I could swear there was a look of thankfulness and peace in her eyes.

Thank you for all your help and love you devoted to her and trying to find her a home. She left this earth knowing she was loved and remembered. She will be missed every day."

Bailey was previously featured in a Spotlight Story. Read her story here.

Princess Girl

Princess Girl

August 31, 2009 - Princess Girl

Dear Yvonne and Monique: I so regret having to tell you that pretty little Prinney was euthanized on Tuesday morning. As I had told you, she was vomiting everything. She stopped eating completely Saturday, then Sunday and Monday despite tempting sliced turkey and everything she used to love. I thought Tuesday might be the day, but Tuesday morning she drank a whole lot of water and I was encouraged - maybe she will eat today also. But she went to the front door and as I was opening it for her, she vomited up all the water. That was my sign - this was no way for her to live. I took her in her little bed, because she loved it. She died in it with my arms around her and her little head on my arm. I miss her, the house is so awfully empty and coming home without her here is just wrong. I know, though, that she knew that she was loved by all of us."


August 23, 2009 - Jasper

"Jasper is absolutely awesome. We ran into some pretty big hurdles in the first three months, but we overcame them and I can’t overstate how sweet and wonderful he is. I previously communicated his difficulty with the cats and numerous escapes. Initially, the cats were banished to areas of my house that were blocked from Jasper. They would not enter the dogs’ area for fear of being chased/mauled, even when I was home. But, at right about the three month mark, I brought one of the cats up into the dogs’ area to stay on the couch with me, just as a temporary respite. The cat never left, and about a day later the other cat came up. For about a week, Jasper still wanted to chase and I noticed numerous scratches on his nose. But they sorted it out and now he pays them no heed. If anything, he is more scared of them than vice versa. Every now and then I can even get a cat and Jasper on the couch with me at the same time.

He still wants to escape, but I’ve Jasper proofed the fence and he seems content with my yard and our daily walks. The climbing/athletic ability of Jasper is simply unbelievable. My fence now looks like a supermax prison fence (no barbed wire or anything that would hurt him, just high tech). We also had some ‘other’ behavior problems with him regarding other dogs and other people, but I will save that for an in-person or telephone discussion. He is definitely a dominant dog and is probably not suited for a home with small children. Nevertheless, such other problems have been sorted and he never showed them with me, only with new dogs and new people. He has always showed respect for me as the “top dog”, and I now know what situations in which to watch him or keep him out of. He and my other dog Dave don’t play, but they get along fine and seem to have established their own pecking order.

He has never showed any of the pillow/furniture destructive tendencies that you expected, other than with toys which he loves to shred. Mainly, I think he is very happy. I’m sure he would like even more exercise, but he gets plenty and makes sure to spend at least an hour or two at night curled up next to me on the couch."

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