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Animals Abused & Abandoned, Inc. (Animals3) provides funding for emergency medical and surgical care for domesticated animals that are old, sick, or victims of traumatic injuries and that have been abused, starved and abandoned by their owners.

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Your contributions to Animals Abused & Abandoned, Inc., a 501(c)(3), non-profit, charitable organization, go straight to work helping under-funded rescue groups pay for emergency care for street animals who fend for themselves every day of their lives.

stray catThey are the dogs no one cares about that you see living in packs in fields. Mother dogs skirting a wall with puppies in tow and slinking away from strangers with tense, fearful body language. They are the cats who dart to their hiding places immediately upon hearing a noise, producing one litter after another for lack of sterilization and who forage for food in back alley dumpsters and garbage cans. They are the starving horses abandoned by their owners without food or water that you see flash across your TV screen on the evening news. They are the voiceless who suffer excruciating pain from a traumatic injury or life-threatening disease.

Your donations will provide everything from emergency medical/surgical care to essential medicines and nourishing food during recovery until their dreams are finally answered – a loving and forever home!

Animals Abused & Abandoned, Inc. is a qualified 501:C3 charitable organization. Your gift is fully tax deductible.

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